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  1. 5th gear syncro grind
  2. Changing Gears
  3. Differential ring gear gone
  4. Is being able to drive manual a lost art?
  5. Average lifespan of a factory clutch?
  6. Is there a way to monitor transmission temperature?
  7. Lightweight flywheel for Accents
  8. 5 things you should never do in a manual transmission
  9. GK 2.7 v6 outer cv axles on 2.0 I4 inners?
  10. Is my 03 Sonata transmission totally trashed?
  11. Short shifters
  12. Polyurethane transmission mount
  13. Anyone else have a very noisy clutch when it's cold
  14. Quaife LSD
  15. Can only find an LSD for RD1's
  16. Transmission capabilities
  17. Is it good to take your engine up to redline
  18. Does holding the clutch in do anything bad?
  19. Need a new clutch
  20. SIII transmission
  21. Gear Ratio Dilemma for Boost
  22. Kaaz Differential
  23. Replace syncro or replace trans
  24. Dsm lsd 04 Tib trans
  25. Transmission swap wiring
  26. XD Shift Cable Bearing/Bushing Sizes?
  27. Power shifting
  28. 5 speed swap into x3
  29. Clutch Sticking To Floor
  30. Transmission Jacks
  31. Shifting Smoother
  32. transmission swaps for rd2
  33. Sh*t Guys Who Drive Stick Say
  34. Are SPEC clutches still junk?
  35. Clutchnet Clutches
  36. Clutch Suggestions
  37. 1000hp Axles for Tiburons/Elantras
  38. Clutch Masters Twin Disk Clutch Kit
  39. Push type conversion for GK V6 6spd?
  40. How much can I expect to pay to have my clutch replaced?
  41. Stainless Steel Clutch Line
  42. Clutch chattering when its cold
  43. Clutch fork issue
  44. Clutch pedal is easy to push in
  45. Do I Have a Bad Throwout Bearing or Pressure Plate?
  46. Looking for an LSD
  47. 99 Accent auto to manual swap
  48. Flex Discs
  49. drive shaft for
  50. Thread dimensions needed
  51. Stall converter?
  52. Rebuild trans or buy a new one?
  53. humming from trans?
  54. Fidanza Flywheel
  55. Kia Shows Off Dual-Clutch Gearbox, Mild Hybrid System at Geneva
  56. Maybe not all girls
  57. Manual/stick shift question
  58. Off Balance Flywheel
  59. Steel vs. Aluminum vs. Billet Steel flywheels
  60. Tiburon stuck in park
  61. Final drive options for beta 2.0 M5BF1
  62. Straight cut gears
  63. Skip shifting versus short shifting...
  64. 2014 Genesis To Go On Sale With HTRAC AWD System
  65. Clutch by wire?
  66. Unbreakeable manual transmission.
  67. Shifter Mod
  68. Funny transmission commercial
  69. M/T owners -- how do you drive in stop and go traffic
  70. Carbon Fiber Drifeshaft
  71. Why do driveshafts need to lock into gearbox?
  72. GK transmission question
  73. Are there any clutches from other cars that would fit ours?
  74. Can you fit a Beta Gearbox on Alpha Engine?
  75. Transmission Installation Trouble, Snap Ring Trouble, Please Help
  76. Did you take your drivers test in a manual?
  77. Tiburon compatible trans?
  78. Need answer to slave cylinder question as fast as possible please
  79. has anyone daily driven a twin disk clutch?
  80. dropping the trans
  81. cryo treating your 5 speed
  82. Hyaundi will not go into gear please help
  83. Prevent carjacking? Drive manual...
  84. 1st gear really hard to get into
  85. want to do auto to manual trans swap
  86. Bahnhof Stage 3 Clutch Kit? Ebay
  87. Transmission problem on gen coupes
  88. How many clutches have you been through?
  89. shifter base bushings and and rebuild kits.
  90. Im surprised modern cars dont have these
  91. best trans for all motor?
  92. Clutch SLIPPING
  93. Clutch Slip in Neutral?
  94. gear ratios
  95. Better to rebuild transmission or just buy a new one?
  96. what are the consequences of driving on a bad throwout bearing?
  97. VHR Clutch kit
  98. Gearboxs.. Power limits ? new years ? any better ?
  99. Not going into 4th all the way
  100. neutral coasting?
  101. odd oil question
  102. tiburon 4wd
  103. Odd noise when pushing the clutch in.
  104. Is it a clutch or clutch master cylinder problem?
  105. Double Checking Flywheel Question
  106. KFX Performance (Short Shifter & Megasquirt) Question
  107. clutchmaster clutches
  108. Shifting an auto while driving
  109. Clutch Options
  110. hard to get into 3rd from 2nd. But 4th To 3rd is fine.
  112. So were did this rumor start?
  113. Shifting, Revs, and Clutches
  114. Clutch Looks Good, Won't Go Into Gear, Lost Pedal Feel
  115. RHD gear selection
  116. Puck Clutches
  117. Raising redline
  118. quickest stock 5spd trans for a beta1
  119. Betaswap Driveshafted Required.
  120. Beta Drive line/Shaft Problem/Confused
  121. Odd downshifting operation
  122. How often do you chirp/bark going into second?
  123. If you broke your right arm
  124. overdrive issue?
  125. Syncros and Gears
  126. Quick questions for Quaife owners...
  127. POLL: How often do you shift smoothly?
  128. Just did the trans service with MT90
  129. Painting the transmission
  130. 1998 tiburon, automatic, occasional slipping,
  131. Lightweight Flyweel + OEM clutch
  132. Stiff clutch
  133. Clutchless shifting
  134. Tranny fluid for track cars
  135. Cold weather rev limiter
  136. Slipping clutch
  137. tob keeps going bad!!!!!!!!!!! wth??
  138. Bleeding the clutch after track days
  139. Close ratio transmissions
  140. 03 tranny 97 tranny
  141. Thoughts on a SS clutch line
  142. Reverse whine
  143. Explain to me how this shifter works
  144. Shifter bushings
  145. Hyundai, Kia to Unveil 10-Speed Transmission by 2014
  146. Who has broken a clutch fork?
  147. Is My Clutch Slipping?
  148. Shifting into neutral without the clutch
  149. M/T tranny owners how often do you stall out?
  150. Does a CVT extend engine life?
  151. Flywheel resurfacing
  152. How much power can the stock genesis clutch take?
  153. Saving fuel with neutral?
  154. M/T Redline oil change intervals
  155. When revmatching is it better to be above or under specified RPM?
  156. Double clutching; is it necessary?
  157. When to shift from 2nd or third into first
  158. All the more reason to drive stick
  159. Who sells aftermarket shifter bushings now?
  160. Auto trans. electrical failure
  161. Any Redline product for automatic transmission (AT-90...????)
  162. Can transmission problems affect Dyno #'s?
  163. Manual transmission oil recommendations and discussion
  164. Clutch material. kevlar or organic?
  165. Fidanza Flywheel & the 1/4
  166. Adjusting Clutch
  167. ARP flywheel bolts question
  168. What kind of oil do I use for transmission?
  169. How does everyone hold their shifter?
  170. 2.0l Fidanza Flywheel!
  171. Painting my transmission?
  172. Manufacturerer of performance gearbox parts
  173. What RPM do you shift from 1st to 2nd?
  174. Question about clutch and flywheel
  175. F1 Racing flywheel
  176. looking for techniques to bleed worn slave cylinder
  177. a bad slave cylinder cause clutch noise probs??
  178. Beta 1 and 2 Clutches
  179. Hypoid Gears vs. Redline MT90?
  180. What makes extreme clutches bad to have in a daily driver?
  181. Gearing
  182. Starting to get some clutch chatter
  183. At what hp is it time for an lsd?
  184. tranny swap
  185. Does your wife or gf know how to drive a stick?
  186. Can you gravity bleed our clutches?
  187. Clutch release bearing stuck! help!
  188. gear box oil check plug
  189. 1997 tiburon shift control
  190. 99 tiburon Automatic Rebuild kits
  191. down shift rev match?
  192. Clutch help!!!
  193. 97 tiburon tranny
  194. Axles
  195. New Clutch Recommendations
  196. Push conversion and pics plus old clutch with shimmed insert
  197. Is FWD or RWD better for off road?
  198. Hitting the Redline. Is it bad?
  199. Do adjustable short throw shifters exist for our cars?
  200. Can I put a 1.8 flywheel on 2.0??
  201. Manual Transmission Rebuild Kits
  202. HD Clutch
  203. My clutch finally bit the dust
  204. Tiburon tranny swap question
  205. Cutting down the shifter
  206. 1st to 2nd Gear Grinding
  207. soft clutch pedal after new clutch
  208. short shifter hits shift plate
  209. 11 elantra manual
  210. cable speedo to electronic speedo
  211. Make Your Transmission Bulletproof!
  212. Clutch issues
  213. adjustable clutch pressure?
  214. Beta 1 to Beta 2 Tranny Replacement
  215. wow this is ridiculous. new clutch and she is still slipping
  216. How much power can the stock beta trannys take?
  217. F1 Racing Clutch?
  218. Any recommendation on a clutch?
  219. pennzoil synchromesh?
  220. i gotta put in another clutch but i gotta do it cheap
  221. Can someone PLEASE explain to me the point of double clutching??
  222. 5 speed for beta engine question
  223. Strengthening an auto
  224. Longer gears
  225. Help me figure out this noise from transmission
  226. flwheel options...
  227. Stock flywheel weight
  228. Double clutching?
  229. another 5spd swap question
  230. Auto trans problem - 96 rd coupe
  231. any members from south jersey or close by? ...tranny swap
  232. Cluthc noise
  233. 98 internals into a 03-08 box?
  234. beta box internals in a alpha box?
  235. beta gearbox in 03 accent?
  236. OEM clutch disc with Aftermarket pressure plate
  237. Those of you real aggressive clutches
  238. AWD RWD FWD
  239. Shifter Bushing?
  240. Leather gear knob
  241. Are Fidanzas the only flywheel available for us?
  242. Clutch break in period
  243. New clutch disc??
  244. 4th Gear Ratios
  245. Clutch Masters Clutches...
  246. has anyone successfully changed the gearing in their car?
  247. Tranny oil change intervals
  248. looking for a short shifter
  249. Towing stuff with a Hyundai
  250. How often do you double clutch?