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  1. This trade war is ridiculous
  2. ICE is about to start tracking license plates across the US
  3. This guy is a dick
  4. Ranting
  5. Break all of their kneecaps
  6. Let's topple statues
  7. CNN is a bunch of a-holes!
  8. Muslim sues Little Caesar's for $100 million over pork in pepperoni
  9. Libs trash Trump’s office for a price: the ANGER ROOM provides outlet for sore losers
  10. No end to NASCAR stupidity!
  11. Car bought 30 Sept 16.....
  12. Really starting to hate NY more and more
  13. God I hate working at Langley
  14. Damn you time change
  15. I hate Nancy Grace
  16. Turn your car lights on!!!
  17. Bunch of idiots
  18. Violation of 2nd Amendment
  19. Please stop with the forced diversity in superheroes!
  20. SCREW YOU NY!!!!!
  21. This makes me rage so bad
  22. Who else gets irritated when this happens
  23. I really cant stand pushy sales people
  24. Screw you mother nature!
  25. I'd be on the news for attempted murder
  26. WTF Tennessee
  27. Stay Classy Turkey
  28. Got blocked in, gotta vent
  29. For the love of god please do something if your child
  30. This angers me so much
  31. I hate pollen!
  32. Stupid Labor Dispute
  33. great day
  34. Medical insurance is a joke...and it's only gotten worse.
  35. Supreme Court is a bunch of morons
  36. You gotta be kidding me
  37. Someone tried to steal my Genesis emblem
  38. Freaking NY State!
  39. going blind!
  40. Domestic a-hole
  41. neil young
  42. Woman writes letter to mother of mentally handicapped child and well...
  43. murrica news of the day: state department spent over 600k on Facebook likes
  44. This chick makes my blood boil!
  45. Automotive Tech Vent Thread
  47. Today's Rant
  48. This bump in gas prices blows...
  49. LAPD WTF
  50. Bad drivers everywhere
  51. Does this piss anyone else off?
  53. Look at what this idiot wrote about HA
  54. In Class Final Exam Essays
  55. Another reason banning guns won't work
  56. Who the F kills dolphins?
  57. I hate it when...
  58. Someone explain this to me please
  59. Why the F did this guy have a license?!!!!
  60. Pre-Employment Questionnaires
  61. One of the most infuriating things in the world!
  62. The king of douchebags
  63. MOTHER F#CKER!!!
  64. I Am Cool. This Is Not. Police in 3..2..
  65. MOTHER F#CKER!!!!!!!
  66. This is absolutely disgusting
  67. when radio stations turn wannabe talk radio
  68. Slow turners
  69. More censorship in the US
  70. Planned Parenthood sets up clinic in L.A. School
  71. This vid makes me rage
  72. Someone calls you argumentative, what do you do?
  74. Spike Lee is a douchbag
  75. slow down!!! my kids play through here!
  76. People who don’t return their shopping cart
  77. HIDs in trucks
  78. Orange is the new black
  79. People who drive
  80. Not really a flame, but a true story
  81. Loves it here...really.
  82. Rant – why the hell….
  83. Ever feel like lashing out on Facebook?
  84. An old lady hit my car today with her cane
  85. Wisconsin DA charges 6 y.o. boy with felony for playing doctor with 5 y.o. girl
  86. Someone passes you on a double yellow in congested morning traffic
  87. Does this piss you off?
  88. Cigs out the window
  89. Enthusiasts without Garages, sign in
  90. Mexican truck drivers are now going to be able to drive in the USA. Huge Job Killer
  91. Personal Thought: Gen Coupe owners are smug sumb*tches
  92. When enough jobs have been outsourced/cut and pay has gone down who is going to buy
  93. Pulled over and ticketed for my headlight halos
  94. Should I get revenge?
  95. If You Can't Take The Heat
  96. Monster Energy Stickers
  97. Roof Racks
  98. Am I the only one about to get off this site because people are always bashing new guys?
  99. Planking
  100. If you need a good laugh...
  101. Cripple
  102. Wow Delta...Really?
  103. "Do this to your Hyundai or Honda"
  104. More Obama/Osama drama
  105. today's events...fawk!
  106. My Commute is on the 2010 Most Congested Corridors Report
  107. Colby was involved in a Hit and Run today
  108. TAILGATERS!!!!!
  109. why are tool boxes so damn freaking expensive?
  110. Stuff that bothers you
  111. People are stupid for believing this crap
  112. Driving around today...
  113. "Gas strikes," and the idiots that think they work
  114. you did it wrong (hyundai style)
  115. Saying bad words and ranting about traffic.... then more bad words
  116. NYC Tow Truck trashes SUV
  117. biggest fail on GK tib sale
  118. Stupid City
  119. Winter Driving Rant
  120. Are you a nutrider?
  121. 86 in a 40 no lights no sirens, kill 91 old man, back to work
  122. Jerk in the cubicle next to me
  123. Double shifts...
  124. Just "par for the course" for me...
  125. Some petty issues in my car
  126. Geico can suck hairy donkey balls!
  127. Gas Mileage Rant
  128. f*ck Dell
  129. Attn woman sitting behind me this morning at the traffic light
  130. What's up with the 'For Sale' forum??
  131. Seriously? WTF!!
  132. Kids in Restaurants
  133. Car got broken into....
  134. Dear hybrid-car drivers
  135. Must be nice to be on welfare...
  136. I just wanted to say this...
  137. anyone else excited for the day that the mexican cartels take it too far into the US?
  138. Your Rights On the Road. Violated.
  139. Its bikers like this that makes alot of us look really bad
  140. I hate parking lots...
  141. Stuff like this makes me sick
  142. This is some serious bullshit!
  143. who here is annoyed by the person they have to work right next to?
  144. Celebrity Fight Club
  145. Seriously?
  146. Fond Rdt Memories
  147. "testing" for work
  148. Ranting
  149. Voting thread
  150. Trying to kick start the cotm
  151. What the hell is it with Dave Matthews?
  152. Are We Going To Ever Have A Cotm Again?
  153. Just received another ticket...
  154. Neighbors., have any annoying ones?
  155. Don't Be that Guy/Girl!
  156. I'm A F****** Moron
  157. Seoulful racing - rant!!!
  158. You gotta be kidding me!
  159. Lazy New People
  160. Stupid Tiburon Wanna Be Racers
  161. 432%@$#!@ cops are such @#$@#$
  162. Two tint tickets
  163. 187sks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  164. Car dealers are @$$3$
  165. Climate Scientists: January Was 'Hottest' Ever
  166. Am I the only one who gets annoyed with this?
  167. Happy Birthday Rdtiburon
  168. Insurance stuff ^$%&
  169. Electrical Issues!!
  170. friend deletes
  171. Controversial Topic Time!
  172. Hyundai Criticism...
  173. Anyone Had Any Expierence With Them?
  174. got a ticket
  175. terrorists have won
  176. Frozen E-brake Cables
  177. Midnight Wolf
  178. my poor front bumper =[
  179. Worst night of my life
  180. Response to redzmans retirement post about socks
  181. College Dorm=Sketchy
  182. my insult to this guy
  183. NYS = Fail
  184. Great First Impresion......
  185. KC Collision in Kansas Sucks
  186. This Sucks Ass
  187. People Are That Dumb!
  188. Random flat tire.....great.
  189. Bad Luck And Now My Car Is Dead
  190. Office workers calling other office workers customers
  191. Pulled over tonight....
  192. Hp Can Go To Hell!
  193. HP.com is sucking
  194. Poor Elantra...
  195. Not Much Of A Complaint, Or A Gripe, Just An Observation.
  196. Wtf?!?
  197. No Beef
  198. Hyundai Haters
  199. R. I. P. Spazzy
  200. Work Gripe
  201. Way Cool!
  202. F*ck Harris Tire!
  203. Compliment To Daniel_depetro
  204. [you] sucks!
  205. Oops :(
  206. Not A Fun Ride Home
  207. Harassment From The Police, Over And Over... And Over Again.
  208. Advance Auto
  209. Red Zman Closes Every Topic Of Mine Before I Can Even Reply!
  210. Now I'm Banned From The Shout Box?!?
  211. WTF Hyundai
  212. Awesome Transaction With Tibbychick
  214. Bullshit.
  215. Why You Should Never Car Too Much About Your Car
  216. Large Puddle + Cai - By-pass Valve
  217. Alignment Shop Fail...
  218. Keys Are Locked In My Car.
  219. Tired Of Searching
  220. Stock, Naturally Aspirated, Nitrous
  221. Well Well Well.....
  222. Woo Whoo....
  223. Random Thoughts for the night!?!!?!?!
  224. Thank You Thank You Thank You!
  226. My Car Idles At 4mph On Level, Smooth Streets.
  227. Fighting with idiots.
  228. I'd Like To
  229. Oh So Im Supposed To Ask Nicely Why Im Banned?
  230. Please Tell Me Why The Hell Im Banned From The Shout Box?
  231. Title Work Issues
  232. My List Of Tiburon Gripes
  233. Damn Kids
  234. Exhaust Manifold
  235. My Opinion
  236. Cheap Led's
  237. Sorry
  238. Thanks Hobgoblin
  239. Thanks Tib_500!
  240. Thanks You, Denisst99!
  241. Tibbychick
  242. Youtube censoring vids with music
  243. I'm In A Bind
  244. The Next Nt
  245. A Scooter Ran Into Me...
  246. God Damnt!
  247. GOD DAMNT!!!!
  248. Lousy Experience Today
  249. Maaaaann... And I Was About To Wash My Car.
  250. F This Green Skin!