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  1. turboed elantra need help
  2. Need info for hard fuel line adapter
  3. Think these will fit in the car?
  4. Boosting a 2 litre 2017 elantra
  5. How much power can a beta autragic take?
  6. 4 cylinders can be made fast
  7. Anyone know anything about this build?
  8. Fuel Pump Connector Issue on Turbo Tiburon
  9. I want my turbo to sound like this
  10. The build of the Race Egg
  11. I love boost weather
  12. Funny that you can buy turbo kits on Amazon too
  13. Airram vs no airraim
  14. This sounds so good
  15. What makes all BOV's sound different?
  16. Kfx pnp megasquirt
  17. Finally will boost my Tib
  18. What size is your turbo?
  19. Plug and play for megasquirt?
  20. Who likes to keep everything from the same company?
  21. Here ya go n00bs
  22. Why do people always want to cheap out when going turbo
  23. What engine to Swap?!?!
  24. Does chrome hold in heat any?
  25. a turbo for every cylinder
  26. Eating oil
  27. Electronic boost controllers
  28. I wonder what kind of turbo this is
  29. Turbo on a high-mileage engine
  30. Efficiency Islands
  31. hahahahahaha look at the price
  32. STI or EVO Injectors
  33. Veloster turbo vs Accent GDI engine?
  34. Turbo Donuts
  35. Stock manifolds
  36. Any V6 Haltech users?
  37. Turbo or supercharger?
  38. What are the advantages to having a top mount turbo?
  39. SICK Twincharged Beta Powered Accent!!
  40. SpoolinShark's turbo build
  41. Are Water to Air ICs less efficient than Air to Air?
  42. What's good fuel line these days?
  43. My new turbo heat shield
  44. Volvo found a way to handle with TURBO LAG
  45. Turbo Heat Shields
  46. 2 different tunes
  47. How to bore intake manifold?
  48. Godspeed's 70/68 T4 turbo
  49. do sandwich plates work
  50. External Wastegates
  51. wrapping exhaust VS ceramic coating
  52. magnetic balancing
  53. smt6 calibration
  54. Opinions on injector brands
  55. How does the stock ECU handle bigger injectors?
  56. Adjusting factory wastegate
  57. decompression gaskets
  58. TurboXS or Forge?
  59. Turbo Tibby
  60. map with smt6
  61. Turbo cars and winter
  62. Blowoff valves
  63. A real working electric supercharger
  64. Does higher compression spool a turbo at a lower engine speed?
  65. $2000 upgrade
  66. Mother of god
  67. Time to buy a new blow off valve
  68. gk ecu swap
  69. how do you know if you have a bad turbo??
  70. Trying to find a tuner
  71. Getting closer to boost season!
  72. Best way to explain high boost on stock internals
  73. Brace Yourselves: The Next Generation Of Hybrid Turbo Is Coming
  74. 2004 Sonata 2.4L Turbo ECU
  75. Easy way to tell the difference between these 2 things
  76. fuel pressure regulators
  77. Anything like a procharger for us?
  78. What happens if your intercooler is too big
  79. Smt6 help
  80. Help with aem fic
  81. I feel like this isnt a very efficient set up
  82. Who has the biggest turbo?
  83. Cheap turbo setup
  84. Boost control
  85. dyno for 6psi?
  86. Any 400+ horsepower cars driving around?
  87. Polished turbo housing
  88. Exclusive: Hyundai 3.3 Turbo GDi V6 Engine
  89. Performance Hyundai turbo
  90. Aem fic base tune
  91. Intercoolers FAQ
  92. Strange turbo set up
  93. Testing Flow of Intercoolers
  94. Stainless Steel Manifolds
  95. Hyundai turbocharger selection for help?
  96. Turbo vs. non-turbo
  97. balance a turbo
  98. Intercooler efficiency vs. flow
  99. Fuel problems
  100. Boost timing retard versus octane ratio
  101. Is seafoam bad turbo engines?
  102. Air filter?
  103. Id1000 injector dynamics
  104. T3 to t4 adapter
  105. alice6's build
  106. BOV and Wastegate's
  107. Avoiding turbo lag
  108. where do you get your AN fittings?
  109. What Should IAT Be At Cruise?
  110. Cleaning a used turbo
  111. Painting your intercooler black mythbusted
  112. plug gap
  113. Piston choices
  114. Anyone installed bigger than 3" piping?
  115. Oil feed and return question
  116. $4,000 enough for a turbo build?
  117. What boost psi requires an intercooler
  118. $190 turbo?
  119. 2.0l engine
  120. Internal Wastegates
  121. cool depiction of how the new F1 engines work
  122. LOL I wanna do this to my BOV
  123. compressor wheels
  124. journal bearings or ceramic bearings
  125. Fuel restriction past 5psi
  126. Turbo Blanket Sizing
  127. At what point is too much HP too much
  128. Riddle Me This
  129. oil lines
  130. turbo oil leak
  131. Aftermarket Styling for 2003 Hyundai Getz
  132. My latest turbo project
  133. turbo sonata 3.3
  134. just a tad off topic
  135. Water Cool Wastgate
  136. Top mount T4
  137. is a smaller water cooled oil cooler better than a traditional air style?
  138. apexi tuning
  139. What supercharger is this?
  140. Wastegate Sizing
  141. Better to build and boost a beta1 or beta2 ?
  142. tubular manifolds
  143. Expensive Controller
  144. Best way to flare 3" cold side pipe
  145. Turbo Engine Build Help
  146. Inconsistent afr at WOT (AEM fic)
  147. AEM F/IC
  148. Jim Wolf Disco Potato
  149. Electric superchargers are getting expensive
  150. 1bar map to 3 bar
  151. Motor Mounts
  152. 1.8 pistons/rods
  153. Frequency of spark plug change
  154. Certain position for BOV or Wastegate?
  155. Whats the latest news of the twin engine tibby
  156. Good AFR to aim for at WOT
  157. Is a turbo timer a good investment?
  158. Which is more cost effective for a 3.8 Genesis?
  159. megasquirt
  160. how to keep the heat down??
  161. Supercharger for $179
  162. Siemens ECU vs Bosch ECU
  163. safc install
  164. New intercooler! Now should I wrap the IC pipes?
  165. 60 pounds of boost!
  166. I want a supercharger really bad
  167. Turbo for 02 1.6L rally racer
  168. LMAO!
  169. IC PIPING
  170. CP Pistons
  171. How much heat can silicone couplers handle?
  172. Solid motor mounts be ok on a turbo engine???
  173. SMT piggyback Base Map
  174. Compression testers?
  175. Turbo question
  176. Re-flashing the EF Sonata 2.4 ECU...done ;).
  177. Ported heads on turbo bulild- Good idea or not worth it?
  178. car wont idle after tune
  179. Crushed bent exhaust question
  180. AEM F/IC MAF simulation
  181. What dictates whether you need an oil restrictor for your turbo?
  182. Are there any compound turbo users on here?
  183. The best Intercooler CORES in your opinion?
  184. T3 to T4 adapters?
  185. Anyone have any new cool projects for this spring?
  186. This made me laugh
  187. Consumer Reports: Turbos fall short
  188. in need of turbo education
  189. Is this intercooler crap?
  190. thermostat question
  191. I have a couple quick and simple questions about mega squirt
  192. Bad to start car in the cold
  193. Turbo Tiburon 2.0
  194. what do you guys think?
  195. turbo questions
  196. downpipe fr t3t4
  197. AEM's new Fail Safe Gauge
  198. holset turbo
  199. help with boost gauge and oil return
  200. WTF is brake boosting?
  201. What does HA think about this turbo for a Beta II
  202. Thinking about switching my BOVs
  203. Turbo reliability (turbos themselves not engines)
  204. Detailing the FMIC?
  205. Oil-Less Turbos
  206. Boost tap location???
  207. Anyone regret boosting FWD
  208. kspec.com 290cc Injector Impedance
  209. need turbo help!! turbo noob here
  210. Godspeed wastegates
  211. intercooler sizing
  212. Favorite oil pressure gauge
  213. how nesccary are tranny coolers on auto turbos?
  214. good ball bearing turbo?
  215. How do you know what A/R you need ?
  216. What intercooler is best to run with a T3/T4 Hybrid Turbo?
  217. BOV placement matter?
  218. Turbo,how its made.
  219. Would this be a good turbo for my car?
  220. Whats a synchronic bov?
  221. Boost vs Boost/Vacuum Gage
  222. Oil in intercooler pipes
  223. Hit the dyno,upped the boost to 23 psi and....
  224. Trying to find that perfect turbo (and failing brilliant)
  225. what is the difference between T4 and T04
  226. Ever installed a turbo on something other than your car?
  227. Factory Tiburon ignition map
  228. larger primary injectors
  229. TD05 Oil Feed
  230. Superchargers
  231. Its not illegal, its just looked down upon like masturbating on an airplane - Turbo Chat
  232. DIY Boost Leak Tester
  233. Gas mileage
  234. Heat retention of carbon fiber
  235. to rebuild or to not rebuild
  236. Accent Beta Turbo (Scaryed of more boost?)
  237. TD025
  238. in major need of a downpipe
  239. My car is driving me nuts, turbo questions, etc
  240. Turbonetics Hurricane Series?
  241. hyundai racetrack
  242. Forgive my noobiness
  243. Maybe a new thread for cold side
  244. are all V band clamps the same?
  245. Usedturbos.net
  246. Hot Tanked Block
  247. Car started to have BOV flutter
  248. Boost Leak Tester
  249. Intercooler Temp Question
  250. misfire in 1,3,4,and random cyl. need help!!!