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  1. Aem fic
  2. A thought about car insurance
  3. Hyundai recalls nearly 88K older cars due to fire risk
  4. What are you guys using to heat your garages?
  5. Media blasting at home
  6. What new car features you didnt think you would like but now love?
  7. Crankshaft and camshaft trigger signals
  8. Bob Lutz: Everyone has 5 years to get their car off the road or sell it for scrap
  9. Anyone have a Car Care One credit card?
  10. Tiburon AWD conversion theory
  11. Crank Sensor Types, Wheels, and Programming
  12. Angle-izer tool
  13. How easy was it for you guys to sell your old Hyundais?
  14. Work gloves
  15. Do you always slow down for speed cameras?
  16. What did everyone do to their car over the weekend?
  17. Do you back your car into a parking spot?
  18. Thinking about getting back to modding another Accent X3
  19. Is your wife or GFs car faster than yours?
  20. BOV Options?
  21. Whistleblower sparks Hyundai and Kia recall of 240,000 cars
  22. What are the 'must do's' when you get a Santa Fe diesel?
  23. Do you factor in depreciation when buying vehicles?
  24. 2016 Vs 2017 Highlander
  25. Hyundai and Kia recall 1.2M cars for possible engine failure
  26. Hyundai Class Action Lawsuits
  27. Did you know this?
  28. Ignition Cylinder Release Pin?
  29. Trying to hit 8.8 seconds in the 1/8 mile!
  30. How cool does your car make you feel?
  31. How easy is it replacing a garage door spring?
  32. F2 Evolution for sale on Ebay
  33. Lower compression
  34. Hyundai Is Refusing A Warranty Fix On A Man's Car Because They Say He's 'Large'
  35. If you were in charge of Hyundai
  36. Hyundai Memorabilia
  37. Does anyone winterize their garage?
  38. 10 year warranties
  39. How rare will RD tibs get?
  40. Best Chain Auto Shop
  41. Steering Lock
  42. Do you have AAA membership?
  43. Paying cars cash vs financing
  44. Floor tiles
  45. Drunk driver took out my Tibby.
  46. Dewalt Drills seem to be pretty well built and serviceable
  47. 3D printing parts for cars
  48. been off the h radar, need advice on next hyundai
  49. Bought a new pegboard and hangers
  50. Best Place To Find Toolbox Organization Items?
  51. Low Rise Vehicle Lifts
  52. Garage floor cover
  53. 2015 Sonata Sport 2.4 Power Loss
  54. Things you can say about your car and not your girlfriend or wife
  55. Cheap workbench stools
  56. What is the worst driving offence you seen most recently?
  57. Electric Impact Wrench
  58. KORE is back!
  59. Go ahead and crush your headers
  60. Keep or toss duplicate tools?
  61. Lower powertrain 1" for lower center of gravity?
  62. What plans do you have for your car this year?
  63. What RARE parts / memorabilia do you have?
  64. Self Driving Cars
  65. How do you store your funnels?
  66. cars and coffee
  67. Dyno fail
  68. When does car show season start around you?
  69. Do you plan your mods?
  70. Gas Price Check
  71. Vintage or old tools
  72. How much you think this goes for?
  73. Hyundai is the official sponsor of Superbowl 50
  74. Hyundai's new eco-car receives sporty styling
  75. No More New Gas-Powered Cars by 2050, Say Eight States and Five Countries
  76. Study: Majority of American drivers park incorrectly
  77. Do the cops around you have these on their cars?
  78. Drivers: Don't always be so nice
  79. How do you drive in parking lots?
  80. Tool organization
  81. Msd dis 2 or 4
  82. It appears Hyundai is next up to bat, Recalling 470,000 Sonatas
  83. Hows your old car doing?
  84. Hyundai's new N brand
  85. Hyundai brings back Nissan's Hatami as U.S. sales chief
  86. Garage organization
  87. Do you think you'll buy another Hyundai?
  88. Average US vehicle age hits record 11.5 years
  89. Ryobi tools
  90. Which color car should you buy?
  91. Newbie to Hyundais - Engine Question
  92. Quick Jack
  93. “Quiet” fan for a garage.
  94. How to piss off Prius Drivers
  95. Hyundai wants to prove performance cred
  96. Tiburon GK V6 E85 Testing Results!!
  97. How big is your garage?
  98. Hyundai wins race to offer Android Auto
  99. How the bridges where you live?
  100. distracted driving stats
  101. How clean is your driving record?
  102. Anyone ever tow a Tiburon on tow dolly?
  103. Pretty sweet garage!
  104. Sealing a driveway
  105. Automakers to gearheads: Stop repairing cars
  106. What did you do to your car today?
  107. Low oil pressure/knocking noise
  108. Garage Flooring
  109. Mid-engined Hyundai Veloster Spied
  110. How much do you think this goes for?
  111. Things you wish you had done differently
  112. How Often Do You ?
  113. Do mechanics sabotage cars
  114. Anyone have a cool shop or garage stool?
  115. New Hyundai Twin-Turbocharged 3.3-Liter V6 Engine
  116. Notice how all the Hyundai forums owned by Autoguide suck really bad?
  117. Oil Filter Study
  118. Opinion on this rolling tool cabinet
  119. SSHD laptop ECU
  120. Buying a Dremel
  121. Ever just sit in your garage
  122. hyundai's new truck
  123. Bench Vise question
  124. How do you normally park in your garage?
  125. Do older Kias hold up as well as older Hyundais?
  126. Gas has officially hit $3 a gallon!
  127. air cut off vs angle grinder
  128. What did Kia and Hundai do to cook their MPG results?
  129. Lifetime Warranties
  130. TV in Garage
  131. How much would you say your tool collection is worth?
  132. Anyone engrave their tools?
  133. Gas Price Check
  134. What are you really picky about when it comes to your garage?
  135. Epoxy the garage floors? Good or bad idea?
  136. Do you follow the 1/10th rule when buying a car?
  137. Autoguide's Under $30k Performance Shootout
  138. Garage Insulation
  139. Electric ratchets and impact guns
  140. Yesterday was a sad day
  141. Anyone hit the 200K club yet?
  142. Industrial Metal Desks
  143. How much would it cost to become fully ASE certified?
  144. What model do you guys think will come out next?
  145. Hyundai i10 Sport
  146. Recomend a creeper
  147. Vehicle Tracking
  148. bondic plastic welding system
  149. Good job Hyundai!
  150. How long did it take you to sell your car?
  151. Oil stains on floor
  152. Staying cool inside the garage
  153. Need to buy tools? Wait a couple of weeks...
  154. Rare floor mats?
  155. Garage floor tiles
  156. Tool Box Cleaner
  157. post pictures of you wiretucked Hyundai?
  158. Ten Car Mods That Make People Think You’re An a**hole
  159. Anyone ever use office cabinets for garage storage?
  160. Hyundai with an Audi badge
  161. Top 10 Worst Vehicles to Drive in a Zombie Apocalypse
  162. Tow Hooks
  163. Charcoal canister delete questions
  164. What are/(were) your most USELESS tools?
  165. M3 blew a HG, traded it in on a 2014 Accent
  166. My trip to the Daegu junkyard yielded many memories of Ponys 15 years ago
  167. You're doing it wrong
  168. Thank you Georgia!
  169. How would you personally rate other Hyundai drivers
  170. What are some funny mistakes you've made with your car?
  171. Speed Out
  172. air tool storage
  173. msd 6211 or msd 62112
  174. disposable gloves - break resistant?
  175. Hyundai Of USA Sets New December Sales Record
  176. Webtech/HMAService a paid subscription now?!?! WTF?!?
  177. Biggest car purchase in 2013
  178. Hyundai Pays $210 Million To End Fuel Economy Litigation
  179. what hp motor for air compressor needed?
  180. What does your girl hate most about your car?
  181. Power gain w/o boost
  182. Where cars go to die
  183. Hyundai is cheapest car to repair, maintain
  184. Adding table saw to welding circuit?
  185. What's better for the U.S.: foreign cars built here or American cars built 'there'?
  186. Hyundai Stellar - First Hyundai with a CVT trans
  187. Lets talk Peg Boards
  188. If your Hyundai was wrecked today, what would you buy next?
  189. Is gas under $3 yet where you live?
  190. SEMA 2014
  191. Not blurring our license plates in pics
  192. Why does Jersey and select other states not trust their citizens to pump gas?
  193. Do you have any traffic roundabouts near you?
  194. Hyundai to launch European performance sub-brand
  195. Whats in store for your Hyundai in 2014?
  196. crank swap from 1.6 into 1.5.does it work?
  197. Owner fined after Lamborghini found to be Hyundai
  198. Spray can storage
  199. Hyundai Car Payments Deferred for Federal Employees
  200. 2013 Accent DVD and Gprs
  201. The Import Scene
  202. drill bit sharpener
  203. Do you own any clothing with Hyundai logos on it?
  204. how is your vise mounted?
  205. Driving with your eyes closed
  206. Gas Prices Down From One Year Ago
  207. Did you grind the floor to Expoxy it?
  208. Edmunds.com: Now is the best time to buy a new car
  209. Compressor venting question
  210. Build your own ramps - another way
  211. Do you transfer your plates or get new ones?
  212. DO you put your name on your tools?
  213. Average age of cars in the U.S. is 11.4 years old.
  214. Worst chain car repair shop?
  215. Anybody here use the Trapster app?
  216. Pegboard?
  217. Would you rather have a lift or a pit in your garage?
  218. How often do you buy from Harbor Freight?
  219. Gas prices going up again
  220. Do you tell people the make or the model or both?
  221. Garage stereo systems
  222. Hyundai re-sale value.
  223. Are cars too high tech for our own good?
  224. Hot garages
  225. Virtual Dyno Software
  226. Pegboard question
  227. 2006 Tiburon 20
  228. What car do you think you will get after your Hyundai?
  229. Snap-On Toolboxes?
  230. How to keep tools from rusting
  231. I want to drywall my garage
  232. How do you keep your garage floor clean?
  233. rookie here
  234. So, what tools have we lost lately ?
  235. Which Hyundai model would you kill off and which would you bring back?
  236. Hyundai failing new crash tests
  237. Need parts for your KDM?
  238. Air hose questions
  239. Old sign collection for the garage
  240. anyone else having trouble w/ webtech?
  241. Hyundai Stop Lamp Switch Recall
  242. Let's see your Shop Clock
  243. Ride With Rhys
  244. Pulled Hyundai Ad
  245. Safety glasses that seal on face
  246. Cheeky driving tips
  247. How do you guys organize your screws / nuts / bolts?
  248. Harbor Freight 60" Wood WorkBench - Yay or Nay??
  249. Does it make you a better driver ?
  250. Things that grew on you thread