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  1. Roofies
  2. America's youngest billionaire is starting to redfine healthcare
  3. Pharma Bro gets 7 years in the clinker
  4. Going under the laser this week
  5. Anyone have bad joints?
  6. A good reason to start a fight
  7. Anyone use melatonin for sleep?
  8. Worst time of the year to try and lose weight
  9. 40% of US adults obese
  10. Imagine where we will be in 20-30 years
  11. Rich Piana
  12. Is it just me or does everyone have a tattoo these days?
  13. I'm starting to rely on caffeine more and more at work
  14. U.S. FDA aims to cut nicotine in cigs
  15. OK, who ate the Burritos?
  16. Instagram model claims 495lb squat for 10
  17. Physical fitness when you work at a desk
  18. Acid reflux sufferers ... what's your method of treatment?
  19. Multivitamin reviews
  20. Will doctors be replaced by robots?
  21. The secret to getting old
  22. Making a conscience effort to lose weight
  23. Swedish pharmacy makes a billboard that starts coughing when a smoker is near
  24. Free Marijuana on Inauguration Day
  25. Thoughts on Hypnosis?
  26. Florida woman selling her positive pregnancy tests and urine to pay for college ($200 a day)
  27. IQ Tests
  28. Zombie apocalypse averted . . . for now
  29. Deal breaker to be with a smoker?
  30. If it meant getting a few million in a settlement
  31. Are you planning on getting a flu shot this year?
  32. Making babies without eggs may be possible, say scientists
  33. Any epi-pen users here?
  34. How bad will zika get
  35. Dont watch this if you can stand to see broken bones
  36. No strong proof that flossing your teeth has medical benefit
  37. How long after getting a tattoo?
  38. What pillow do you use?
  39. What is stronger than Claritin?
  40. Murica
  41. Do You Live In A High Mental Illness State?
  42. Does anyone know anything about drug testing?
  43. Science Confirms Tattooed Women Are Indeed Broken
  44. I got lasik
  45. Fatties rejoice! Fattism is a thing now
  46. Let this chart sink in
  47. Eat like The Rock. Exercise like the Rock.
  48. things older guys do to look younger
  49. Breakthrough for treating blood related cancers
  50. Who has to pay the tax penalty for no health insurance?
  51. I call this being unemployed
  52. Do you get this?
  53. Has anyone used a life coach?
  54. Wonder how many brain cells this kills
  55. The New Bruce Lee
  56. how many of you still have your wisdom teeth?
  57. If morality can be ensured by a neural implant, would you consider it?
  58. No shave November
  59. What age would you start to find it weird for someone to still be a virgin?
  60. Google's algorithm for happiness-> 3 easy steps
  61. Today Every State in America Has an Obesity Rate Over 20%
  62. Oh sure...what could possibly go wrong?
  63. Any diabetics here?
  64. Mom and daughter get plastic surgery together and umm...WTF IS THAT?
  65. Do you sleep with a fan on?
  66. Superhuman Vision
  67. Fitness Bands: How accurate are they?
  68. Authentic Russian Combat Sambo: Street Fighting Dirty Tricks
  69. What's your BMI?
  70. Why we should not eat red mea
  71. time to start labeling another product as cancerous
  72. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Eats 10 Lbs. of Food Per Day, 821 Lbs. of Cod Per Year
  73. Multi-Vitamins
  74. Smelly Poo
  75. Are you Diurnal or Nocturnal?
  76. Any tips for jumping higher?
  77. Full Body Transplant
  78. Alaska becomes 3rd state to legalize marijuana
  79. The vaccination "debate"
  80. Four Retailers told to stop selling herbal supplements
  81. Ever Wake Up and Think You See a Ghost? Here's What's Happening
  82. Grow your own protein
  83. Anyone here into vaping?
  84. Gray Hair Already
  85. Deadly, antibiotic resistant bacteria will likely claim millions next year
  86. Anyone joining a new gym this time of the year?
  87. There seems to be a "stupid" virus
  88. Age is nothing but a number
  89. Anyone diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder ?
  90. How bad will Ebola get in the US?
  91. First case of ebola in the U.S.
  92. 350 LB woman blames Government for being obese
  93. Who has their ears gauged?
  94. Are you guilty of abusing bathroom time?
  95. Having facial hair makes a guy look attractive to girls ?
  96. Are you left eye dominant or right eye dominant?
  97. I wish I trained in Kung Fu as a kid
  98. Ebola
  99. What we all really need for lower body enhancement
  100. 5 hour energy drinks
  101. This girl is a real ninja!
  102. Bacteria may cure obesity in the future
  103. USA dead last in healthcare
  104. Tattoo Cover Up
  105. uninsured rate has plummeted since Obamacare kicked in
  106. What do you use for a pre workout?
  107. World's fattest man has died
  108. restless leg syndrome
  109. Measles Vaccine Wipes Out Cancer in Groundbreaking Test
  110. If you skipped a couple days into your routine where do you start again?
  111. Ouch
  112. There are more implications of health than weight.
  113. Weird Birthmarks
  114. Over 40 Percent Of Young Men Have Had Unwanted Sex
  115. Ultimate Warrior Passes Away
  116. Starting insanity tomorrow
  117. Welcome to the future, the functional 3d printed skull
  118. 25 Ways To Modify Your Pushups
  119. Does anyone smoke e-cigs or vapes?
  120. I get a headache just watching this
  121. Weed PSA
  122. Do you have a temper?
  123. Human evolution
  124. How's your first tattoo looking these days?
  125. Internet Porn Addiction Leads to Impotence
  126. First woman in Britain to die from cannabis overdose
  127. Have you done Lucid Dreaming?
  128. Arnold Schwarzenegger poses as gym instructor
  129. How difficult is it to learn how to golf?
  130. Obama on Pot Legalization: “Important For It to Go Forward”.
  131. Raw Bee Pollen
  132. Smart Contact Lenses Will Give You Superhuman Vision
  133. South Korea Develops World’s First Cancer-Treating Nanorobot
  134. What are your 2014 fitness goals?
  135. Favorite sport to play?
  136. Crossfit chicks
  137. Study: Masturbation Prevents Cancer, Diabetes, Insomnia, and Depression
  138. Michigan passes "Rape Insurance" bill
  139. Women, you know you are fat.....
  140. How screwed up in the head do you gotta be to do this
  141. if you became a vegetable would you want to keep living
  142. Positive Correlation Between Attractiveness and Narcissism?
  143. Organovo generate 3D printed liver which can survive for 40 days
  144. Running my first 5K next weekend
  145. Any black belts on here?
  146. Intermittent fasting
  147. Misophonia. Anyone else have it?
  148. Who is the strangest person at your gym?
  149. It´s official: Marijuana kills
  150. Anyone signed up for Obamacare?
  151. Country with physically strongest people?
  152. Should everyone automatically be an organ donor?
  153. One Reason U.S. Healthcare is Currently So Screwed Up
  154. Men with tramp stamps
  155. Fruit Diets
  156. Ever had a root canal?
  157. Curious - How often do you get your hair cut?
  158. Anyone into boxing?
  159. new drug offers promise of exercise in pill form....
  160. Do you rip ass in your car?
  161. Favorite Energy Drink???
  162. Mel Gibson in bodyuilder shape for Expendables 3 villain role
  163. Do you lift? You are suffering from Bigorexia!
  164. Any weird/interesting dreams lately?
  165. Health insurance
  166. Gotta remember this
  167. Toilets for Men
  168. "fixing" down's syndrome
  169. Top 5 Motivational Gym Tips
  170. Hell to the no!
  171. Difference between muscle and fat?
  172. Blueprint Cleanse
  173. Protein Powder Recipes
  174. US no longer fattest country in the world. The winner is....
  175. sessions
  176. New urinal design, success or fail?
  177. Anderson Silva
  178. Any Kickboxer's opinions about this?
  179. Removing grease from fingers
  180. For those who ride a bicycle
  181. The mixed martial arts thread. Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman July 6!
  182. Good meal planning books or websites?
  183. Married Crew: Do you guys wear your wedding ring when you workout?
  184. Picture of "The Rock" as a kid with his dad
  185. Emotional Intelligence quiz
  186. Dental Hygienist With No Local Anesthesia?
  187. fat gripz
  188. Humans in 100,000 years: What will we look like?
  189. Join gym or get work out dvds?
  190. Anyone try Chantix (stop smoking pill)
  191. New pill to increase libido in women works "too well"?
  192. DARPA developing muscle-controlled prosthetic limbs that can feel
  193. Going to a comedy hypnotist show tonight
  194. New SARs like virus
  195. Calorie Question
  196. One of a Kind Gym Characters
  197. fast vs slow pushups?
  198. Biometric database of all Americans
  199. How smart are you?
  200. New Footage of Arnold Schwarzenegger training for the next Terminator film
  201. Logic or Creativity?
  202. Tips on increasing vertical jump
  203. Anybody on Fitocracy?
  204. What do anxiety and panic attacks feel like?
  205. Lab-Made Kidneys!
  206. science just mapped the enzyme that causes aging
  207. Fat girl sues Rachel Ray for helping her
  208. BRB buying plane tickets to Iceland
  209. How do I figure out how much muscle I've gained in the last year?
  210. resistance band training
  211. Soda ban backfired
  212. Why?!
  213. Are you an organ donor?
  214. Do all of your tattoos have a meaning?
  215. How Much Tax Revenue Can Legal Marijuana Bring In?
  216. Stationary Bikes
  217. DIY - teeth whitening
  218. Do you feel like you get upset too much over minor silly events in life?
  219. Joe Weider has died
  220. Dr. Dick Chopp
  221. What do you use for a pre workout?
  222. This pill will lower your IQ permanently
  223. Bloomberg's next target, cigarette sales
  224. Do you live a green lifestyle?
  225. 13 Year Old Girl Benches 240 pounds
  226. Best type of jump rope
  227. New marijuana research
  228. what exercises do you hate/refuse to do?
  229. Doesn't weed encourage laziness and make people slow and dumb?
  230. judge bans NYC soda ban.
  231. New drug could help humans live to be 150
  232. Surrogate offered $10,000 to have abortion
  233. Most obese state is... West Virginia
  234. CrossFit
  235. If wild animals ate fast food
  236. Good Post Cardio Foods?
  237. So hot
  238. How often do you get your cholesterol checked?
  239. Cutting back on soda, drinking more water
  240. This guy is 60 apparently
  241. What makes you feel better when you're sick?
  242. How powerful does adrenaline make us as humans?
  243. Best earbuds for running?
  244. What kind of log do you keep when working out?
  245. What is your gym locker room etiquette?
  246. WTF Japan!
  247. Married men: Not getting laid? Send that B back to the kitchen!
  248. 6 States Introduce Bills to Legalize and Tax Marijuana
  249. Who comes up with this stuff?
  250. Tsunami Bar