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  1. no chat still?
  2. After 12 years away, might be getting another Hyundai
  3. It's that time of year again where I need your votes
  4. chat
  5. The Royal Wedding
  6. Subwoofer for home theater
  7. And another one
  8. American Airlines bans emotional support insects, goats, hedgehogs, and more
  9. Nevada police find wrecked $300,000 McLaren supercar in the desert
  10. Checking DNA on sites like Ancestry
  11. I need this for my desk at work
  12. Would you have the balls to walk on this?
  13. Bill Cosby headed to prison
  14. Female teacher found not guilty in 3some with 16yr old male studen
  15. Maybe this guy should just stay home
  16. Does anyone have a standing desk at work?
  17. R. Lee Ermey dead
  18. Genesis Frontal area i
  19. We're getting closer
  20. What to expect when you buy a hot tub?
  21. Lethal Boobs
  22. These would be banned in todays society
  23. Deerfield, Illinois, just banned assault weapons
  24. Waiting until the last minute to file taxes
  25. Golfers
  26. Active Shooter in YouTube Buildings
  27. How do these nutcases keep getting elected?
  28. Do any of you guys have multiple auto loans?
  29. No guns, I have plenty
  30. Will there be gun policy changes?
  31. What do you guys normally do on weekends?
  32. If you've ever used Orbitz
  33. Austin bombing suspect dead
  34. Do you do your own yardwork or do you hire it out?
  35. This is why you're not succesfull
  36. Tiger Woods
  37. No more Toys R Us
  38. Stephen Hawking - Dead at 76
  39. What vehicle do you least like driving behind?
  40. Dont play with organic mercury
  41. Never knew this was a thing
  42. Oh you Millenials.....
  43. Horrible road rage
  44. Gun owners - how much ammo do you horde?
  45. What generation are you guys?
  46. Hot teacher and student again
  47. Dicks sporting goods no longer selling AR's
  48. These people all have deathwishes
  49. If you were a school police officer, would you confront an active shooter with a AR-15?
  50. What crypto and how much do you currently own?
  51. Time Traveler from 2030 passes lie detector test
  52. 3 years or less
  53. Another mass shooting
  54. Go Team USA
  55. Chernobyl Today
  56. Should guys still pay on 1st dates
  57. RIP CDs
  58. Silly Mustang owners
  59. A chance you take if you win big
  60. Millennial Job Interview
  61. German Shepherd qualifies for unemployment benefits
  62. Any big travel plans for 2018?
  63. Pre order your flamethrower now
  64. This guys makes millions of dollars
  65. Honey Boo Boos mom
  66. Do you know anyone effected by the Govt shut down?
  67. A virus just wiped out 99.999% of the worlds population
  68. Woof
  69. In Venezuela you cannot get $1 from your bank account
  70. How long before Trump uses the N word
  71. Woman returns dead Christmas tree to Costco
  72. Circuit City is making a comeback!
  73. What movie, or movie title, best describes the relationship between you and your car?
  74. Just a little off the top please
  75. You gotta be kidding me
  76. Would you do it or tell them yeah right?
  77. 401K and the 25K DOW
  78. Crazy Asians
  79. I've seen this happen so many times
  80. It's only the first day of 2018
  81. Do you make new year resolutions?
  82. If you want a good laugh
  83. Are humans getting dumber?
  84. What did Santa bring you?
  85. Merry Christmas!
  86. Sticking it to the HOA
  87. UFOs in the news
  88. BitCoin $400,000.00
  89. So you're telling me there's a chance
  90. Do you have the paper delivered?
  91. Were you a trouble maker growing up?
  92. What do you guys think about this? Justifiable or messed up?
  93. Whos driven a 16 wheeler before?
  94. Suicide bomber at NYC's Port Authority Bus terminal
  95. Social media daredevil falls to his death taking a selfie
  96. Who has snow on the ground?
  97. Pretty cool car cover
  98. Los Angeles is burning
  99. Oil tycoon Pickens puts Texas ranch on market for $250 million
  100. Matt Lauer is the recent person to be accused of inappropriate sexual behavior
  101. Why do you guys think Circuit City failed?
  102. How's your NFL fantasy league doing?
  103. More Young Americans 'Believe' in Evolution Than Creationism Now
  104. What did you guys score today?
  105. Another hot teacher and student story
  106. Get outta the way, stupid bus driver!
  107. Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Gets Ticket for Speeding at 119 M.P.H.
  108. Charles Manson headed to hell
  109. Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  110. Tennessee State Football Thug Pummels Coach
  111. Spray insulation or pink fiberglass blankets
  112. Don't try this at home kids
  113. a family that drinks together, does time together
  114. Why Trump has a lock on the 2020 GOP nomination
  115. How important is it to have a well made fitted suit?
  116. Christmas stuff comes out earlier and earlier every year
  117. Mass shooting in Texas
  118. Guy makes a video to help girlfriend sell her car
  119. Chris Christie's Wife Caught In Distracted Driving Crackdown
  120. New hidden chamber found in Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza
  121. Hunting Season is upon us
  122. Another terrorist attack in NYC
  123. Are you a survivalist?
  124. Probably not a good idea to dress up as Harvey Weinstein today
  125. Anyone drive for Uber?
  126. News people are not smart
  127. Kids throw rocks from overpass, kill man
  128. Come on inside, Amazon!
  129. Ken Block is auctioning off toys to help Puerto Rico!
  130. Wasted effort
  131. Whats your costume this year for Halloween?
  132. Do you save cash in case of emergency?
  133. Non-traditional Thanksgiving: Unlimited sex with prostitutes for 4 days
  134. Eminem blasted Trump on the BET Awards
  135. I would tell the HOA to get lost
  136. I lost a dear friend of mine
  137. Vegas Shooter Conspiracy Theories
  138. This actually doesnt look that bad
  139. Do you get it?
  140. Those who go to casinos, whats your game of choice?
  141. What was your social category in high school
  142. Collapsible Gun — ‘No Bigger Than a Credit Card When Folded’
  143. Prayers to people in Vegas
  144. Couple busted for having sex at a pizza shop
  145. Teacher sex again
  146. RIP Hugh Hefner
  147. If you woke up one day and looked out your window
  148. He wont be showing his weiner to very many 15 year olds now
  149. I'm going to be a bazillionaire
  150. When taking a knee actually meant something...
  151. The end of the world is going to happen on Saturday
  152. If you buy a home and there's an HOA
  153. 9 Years In A Row!
  154. Toys 'R' Us could go bankrupt within weeks
  155. Experts find graveyard of 60 preserved ancient shipwrecks
  156. I would become a millionaire over night!
  157. Its not just Mustang owners
  158. Know your rights
  159. Woman washes herself on produce in a supermarket
  160. Do you pay to park where you work?
  161. Equifax had another data breach
  162. What's Your Auto Rate?
  163. Took everything but work boots...
  164. Equifax Hit With $70 Billion Lawsuit
  165. Hurricane Irma track change!
  166. Do not want
  167. Flooded cars
  168. I hope she sues
  169. Hurricane Harvey
  170. When was the last time you totally lost your cool?
  171. How handy are you with home construction?
  172. Road rage in America (Mustang Edition)
  173. What do you plan to do to stay busy when you retire?
  174. Jerry Lewis died
  175. Are you going to watch the eclipse?
  176. This is crazy on water
  177. [WWE] Ric Flair in serious condition
  178. Charlottesville, VA
  179. In the market for a 10mm
  180. Korean War
  181. If you like steam engines
  182. Workplace implanted chips
  183. Sign me up
  184. Cops say hands are tied in arresting unruly 'desnudas' naked female panhandlers
  185. They're parking mad!
  186. Hour-Old Ferrari Destroyed
  187. What causes this to happen?
  188. Nice garage
  189. This wont go over so well
  190. Is 4% a good return rate for 401K?
  191. OJ Is Getting Out
  192. I've never watched an episode of Game of Thrones
  193. Only minor injuries
  194. Would you step in if you saw someone being bullied?
  195. Mayweather McGregor Betting Odds
  196. The Japanese need our help! And I am willing to offer my assistance.
  197. Out For A Cruise & You Encounter This
  198. Mayweather Can't Pay Taxes, IRS Garnishing His McGregor Check
  199. Jay Leno Surprises a Deserving Veteran
  200. Car payments broken down by day
  201. Stan Lee's wife passed away
  202. Photobucket's 'ransom demand'
  203. 13 states adding yearly fees on electric vehicles.
  204. Most dangerous tool you have used?
  205. Favorite pocket knife
  206. North Carolina woman runs over guy that broke into her car
  207. Man falls off motorcycle
  208. This week's rapists: teacher vs. beautician
  209. sometimes it doesnt pay to be a good samaritan
  210. They wanted more YouTube viewers
  211. What non-extradition country would you go to?
  212. My credit score jumped 40 points
  213. Fishy fishy fishy
  214. Thought the motorcycle guy was a goner
  215. 2.2 miles
  216. Any collectors of samurai swords?
  217. Nerf John Wick
  218. The Final Race
  219. Saw an Accident
  220. I would have enjoyed Math class a lot more if this was in my school
  221. Inheritance baby should stick to being a hoe
  222. 'Merica
  223. Do you guys think she deserves a manslaughter charge
  224. Amazon is buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion
  225. Anyone ever buy a replica Rolex?
  226. Pretty good
  227. Sellers fault or UPS's fault?
  228. Thinking about getting into flipping houses
  229. Do you shop more on ebay or amazon?
  230. Amazon offers Prime discount to those on government benefits
  231. Since theres been another terror attack in England
  232. What is the smallest denomination coin you would pick up?
  233. Paris Deal
  234. Amazon stock hit $1K a share
  235. Tiger woods arrested on DUI charge
  236. Retail shops closing at records rates
  237. Karma
  238. $2 trillion Trump double-count math error
  239. Did you America Today?
  240. Who collects zippos?
  241. New circus company
  242. Dang!
  243. Bath salts
  244. 12 year old girl set to fight 24 year old woman
  245. This website redirects to the white house website
  246. Colin Kaepernick still unsigned
  247. Well, this is awkward
  248. Trump fires Comey
  249. Don't go to your neighbor's party and tell people to turn down the music
  250. Man sues airline for having to sit next to obese passengers