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  1. 2008 Elantra GLS Replacement Fog Bulbs
  2. Engine control unit
  3. Spare keys
  4. Funny story
  5. New guy looking for advice
  6. Black roof
  7. Hit a pothole and now my lights need adjusting
  8. Looks a little like a civic
  9. Elantra 2005 Bodykits
  10. Engine Whine
  11. If you're looking for a cheap polisher
  12. Who has the widest wheels in here?
  13. Whos had to roll their fenders in here?
  14. My New Project
  15. $10,000 for a set of wheels
  16. Rare European Goodies Came In
  17. Any strange anomalies out there?
  18. Elantra Sport Specs
  19. Condensation in tail lights
  20. TB Spacers
  21. Supercharged Elantra with V6 swap
  22. Is there a proper order to bleed the brakes?
  23. Elantra Owner
  24. Wish this was more common
  25. Are bass blockers a waste of money?
  26. Headlights are getting cloudy
  27. Someone should buy this
  28. Tib coilovers on an Elantra
  29. Removing caliper paint
  30. What's so great about BBS wheels
  31. Elantra on 20's
  32. -3DB
  33. Does anybody race their Elantra?
  34. Spring parking tip... don't park under budding trees
  35. Are there any benefits to using higher octane gas
  36. Decent soldering iron/kit?
  37. God I hate torque steer
  38. Window Problems?
  39. This reminded me of something else
  40. Are there any benefits of running e85
  41. Location for "Switch for Characteristic Map"
  42. replacing lifters
  43. Elantra with Veloster wheels
  44. Elantra RD Purge solenoid and CCV specific conditions
  45. Fuel line measurement?
  46. 02 sensor issues
  47. Elantra Dash Rattle
  48. Does anyone have more pics of this car?
  49. Weird problem with headlights
  50. Engine load percentage question
  51. Roof racks
  52. Old Elantras
  53. Hyundai Elantra GT Hot Hatch Spied Testing at Nurburgring
  54. Is this Elantra still around?
  55. beta II differences
  56. spark plug gap
  57. Wow! This looks great!
  58. Need a cluster pinout for a 97 elantra gls
  59. Hyundai recalls 263,000 cars due to sensor problem
  60. Is there a way to remove orange peel without wet sanding?
  61. YEEEEAAAHHHH! Got my Coilovers!
  62. Elantra 2.0 2007 ECU and OBD2 not connecting
  63. Seized caliper
  64. Is it necessary to fuse the remote wire?
  65. New Elantra
  66. Stupid or ridiculous features on your car
  67. Squealing in front end
  68. In-dash ashtray?
  69. $15 muffler
  70. Aaaannnndddd another one bites the dust
  71. 98 Elantra ECU location
  72. 2011-2014 Elantra Body kit
  73. Is the Zefiro kit still being made?
  74. Need Help regarding A/C compressor behavior
  75. Which one is the best?
  76. KSport Rally Spec GR Coilover System
  77. problems with my lights
  78. Green Monster
  79. Literally laughing out loud
  80. Balancing tires
  81. Clean Elantra
  82. custom groundwire questions
  83. Need an honest opinion
  84. Anyone have these LED tails?
  85. wheel adapters
  86. 2006 elantra header fit a 2007 elantra
  87. Elantra Commercials
  88. 04 Elantra for sale - clean title - 5spd
  89. making a homemade rear strut brace for elantra
  90. Advice on new heater and AC
  91. GK mount inserts fit J2?
  92. Weird problem with my heat
  93. Did you guy's see the 2013 Elantra crash test dam
  94. 2005 Elantra hitting switches
  95. Amplifier output connections?
  96. US safety agency may expand Hyundai air bag recall
  97. Does coolant/anti freeze expire?
  98. Nice bumper
  99. Powdercoating calipers
  100. How to clean the inside of the headlight lense
  101. Fuel system cleaner?
  102. Liking this color
  103. Walking Dead Chop Shop
  104. Any way to add LED's to the cup holder?
  105. My Elantra gps navigation
  106. Scratches under door handle
  107. Stickerbombing
  108. Primer Sealer vs Primer Filler
  109. ab-b 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT
  110. Looks versus performance
  111. Cleaning wheels - removing the tape residue from wheel weights
  112. Dumb to put avante emblems on my car?
  113. Fuel Tank Crack on early model j2's and RD's
  114. Cleanest old school Elantra I've ever seen
  115. Torque Wrenches, When Do You Or Dont You Use One?
  116. The Biggest Modified Car Bullshitters
  117. ab-b Hyundai recalling 186k Elantras due to possible headliner detachment
  118. Its different
  119. Head bolts
  120. People who annoy you
  121. Universal Puddle Lights
  122. mounting crossovers for components
  123. What did you replace your dome light with?
  124. plasti dip your brake calipers!
  125. Which Engine Would You Buy?
  126. bigger injectors what should I get
  127. p0108 error code help
  128. so i bought a j2
  129. Cleaning Between Fron Seats & Console
  130. Check out the new Subaru Elantra
  131. Poor Elantra :(
  132. Elantra Touring stainless pedals w/ dead pedal
  133. Springs that lower the car 2" or more
  134. Got a ticket for having yellow fogs
  135. Durability questions
  136. Steering wheel cleaning?
  137. Hood Struts?
  138. 3k or 5k HIDs
  139. Saw my first Elantra Coupe today
  140. Best way to drill a hole in the mirrors
  141. Carbon fiber wrapped interior
  142. Electronic exhaust cut outs
  143. Have you seen any coupes in your city yet
  144. I know whats on my Christmas list this year
  145. Nice Elantra
  146. Elantra 2006-2011 header
  147. screw holes from dent puller
  148. 3m restoration kits
  149. Waxing
  150. gas pump clicks like tank full but its not
  151. connect sub-woofer
  152. Corvette style headlights?
  153. Is there a way to flare stainless steel tubing without machine?
  154. Synthetic oil filters
  155. Not bad
  156. Race seats in the rear
  157. Investigation into Hyundai Elantra airbags continues
  158. Best stuff to clean your engine bay?
  159. Brake upgrade
  160. Black Chrome vs Black Nickel
  161. Confused on final primer sanding
  162. How sensitive should I set my shock sensor?
  163. 2013 Elantra GT priced too high?
  164. Consumer Group Sues Hyundai Over Elantra MPG Claims
  165. code p0501 VSS
  166. Fuel gauges
  167. First Drive: 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT
  168. Hyundai's Walking Dead Zombie Survival Car
  169. How often should you clean your throttle body?
  170. Thoughts?
  171. Aftermarket Wheel
  172. Elantra battery cables
  173. Question about turbo piston design
  174. Turbo Timer and Boost Gauge/Controller help
  175. Perrin or K&N
  176. MD 40 MPG Road Trip How to
  177. Headgaskets
  178. Elantra Coupe Pricing
  179. noob ? about shocks
  180. slim radiator install help
  181. Do you lose power when you have bad piston rings?
  182. [[BTRcc]] Sequence *New product* Elantra MD grill cover!!
  183. Removed my emblems
  184. elantra body lift
  185. MD HID Install Help!
  186. elantra rear brakes 1996-2000
  187. If the turbo elantra does comes out
  188. Customers paying more for Hyundai Elantra than Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla
  189. Antenna boosters
  190. Oily buildup
  191. is chirping ur tires bad for the car?
  192. Performance ratings
  193. Memory foam seats
  194. 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe is Ready to Compete
  195. Hyundai Says Elantra U.S. Sales Growth to Slow, Blames Tight Factory Capacity
  196. 2012 Elantra Stereo Limited
  197. Elantra vs tib brakes
  198. Elantra Coupe
  199. Purpose of an oil temp gauge
  200. Drilled Pedals
  201. J2/Rd Elantra fog light help
  202. Hyundai Elantra is the Car of The Year!
  203. Hyundai Elantra - #2 best selling car in the world for 2011
  204. Elantra Coupe
  205. What size door poppers do I need?
  206. Loose fuel cap = CEL?
  207. Which gives a better signal?
  208. Mounting the LED light for the alarm
  209. Elantra owners in Europe
  210. I have a question
  211. HD on lowering springs
  212. Wont somebody PLEASE think of the children....
  213. Oil cooler
  214. Is teh HD Elantra the Red Headed step child?
  215. LOVE IT!!!
  216. How many miles can you go after gas light comes on?
  217. overspray removal
  218. Need thicker head gasket
  219. how do i tell if my motor mounts are shot?
  220. Adjusting speedo for different size rims and tires
  221. suicide door kit
  222. Air intake is the biggest restriction
  223. I have a question about body kits
  224. Anyone have experience with Lithium Pros?
  225. Ram air or cold air?
  226. What to replace when pulling a cylinder head?
  227. Ford tries to prove 2012 Focus is more fuel efficient than Hyundai Elantra
  228. possible to take out sun roof / moon roof
  229. were to get trans?
  230. Inside Line Comparison Test: 2012 Ford Focus Titanium vs. 2011 Hyundai Elantra Limited
  231. Hyundai Previews New i30 Hatch for Europe Next Elantra Touring?
  232. Hello Impossible
  233. Resonator removal?
  234. Elantra GT
  235. Dynamatting the roof
  236. YEAH BUDDY! Got my Skyline kit today!
  237. Elantra vs Tib vs Beta Accent
  238. Proper order for NA mods
  239. MSD igntition
  240. Korean license plates
  241. More Spy Shots of the Elantra Coupe
  242. Is it possible to run lean with every single NA mod?
  243. kitty hair vs bondo hair...
  244. patching the bumper up
  245. Ceramics or Semi-Metallics?
  246. ? Fog Lights....Trying to Get Some
  247. 2011 Elantra, 1,500 mile update
  248. 2011 Elantra Mud Guards ...
  249. Pulled & Rolled Fenders?
  250. HD Short throw shifter?