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  1. Anyone using Hoosier drag radials?
  2. Spray on spray off wheel cleaner
  3. 3.8 GT automatic/automanual stuck in high/6th gear!
  4. Do you use your cruise control a lot?
  5. Best radar mounting location
  6. I think it might be time for a new battery
  7. Switching to a different turbine wheel
  8. Carbon Fiber
  9. If you wanted to buy a Genesis
  10. Hows your LOC holding up?
  11. What are you buying with your tax refund?
  12. Driving with air suspension in cold climates
  13. Clutch and Flywheel Question
  14. New Spec D Tails
  15. The Genesis is 100% completely hibernated now
  16. Hyundai Snaps Up Another BMW Engineer
  17. OBD bluetooth connector draining battery?
  18. Is anyone else getting ready to prep their cars for winter?
  20. I love how great the suspension is on our cars
  21. Anybody put in a shift light yet?
  22. Bought some sealant on discount
  23. Chrome door handles or leave all black?
  24. If you have a tablet installation, how long does your battery last?
  25. Escort or Uniden
  26. TROS Potent Booster
  27. WOT Boxes
  28. Clay bar question
  29. Synethetic oil = huge power gains
  30. Changing from springs to coil overs
  31. Data loggers
  32. What else can leather cleaner be used for?
  33. Resetting Bluetooth Phonebook
  34. SWIRLS!!!!
  35. Pain in the ass bracket
  36. List of things to do next month
  37. Dusty car
  38. JL Audio Stealthbox
  39. Broke a bolt head
  40. Your Sirius Satellite cost??
  41. Steering wheel peeling
  42. What was it?
  43. Lamin-x or night shades
  44. Rake or no rake
  45. Poor genesis
  46. This should be good
  47. Any good car part sites that offering Black Friday deals?
  48. So much meat
  49. Polish and wax for black cars
  50. LED headlights vs HID
  51. Necessity to have a cover
  52. Stiffer suspension or stickier tires?
  53. Hyundai recalls Genesis Coupes to fix air bag wiring problem
  54. Time to replace my battery?
  55. Fender and body protection
  56. Removing my spoiler
  57. Best leather conditioner?
  58. Why are extreme dimensions stuff so bad?
  59. How good is this stuff
  60. Never buying a black car again
  61. When are you planning to store your car for the winter
  62. Bad thing about owning a 6 speed
  63. Kill switches
  64. TPMS question
  65. Broke out the old trusty credit card for these
  66. Hyundai's Genesis unveils remote auto controls with Amazon
  67. How many times have you hit the panic button on your key fob?
  68. Piece of rubber stick to my rear bumper
  69. Strange white marks after using car wash
  70. Waterless wash or quick detail spray?
  71. How would you break your window to get out?
  72. 1st. Modification for the 2010 Genesis Sedan
  73. This sums up the Genesis community pretty well
  74. Anyway to make the factory intercooler better?
  75. Would you rather roll dirty than wash improperly
  76. Grandma Hand-Me-Down 2010 Genesis Sedan V6
  77. Why is this still a thing?
  78. Hate Hyundai's touch up paint
  79. Cooling methods.... dragstrip
  80. What kind of damage would happen to my engine if
  81. What do you guys think of waterless and rinseless car washes?
  82. How do I remove swirl marks from my carbon fiber hood?
  83. The sickest Genesis build in the game
  84. Genesis Coupe Backup Camera
  85. Hydro Printing
  86. What could be causing my vibration
  87. Hawk or EBC?
  88. It really bugs me when
  89. Quick exhaust question....
  90. My car started right up today
  91. How do you deal with people who camp in your blindspot?
  92. Performance engine parts discount time
  93. Anything to protect windshield from pitting?
  94. Car got broken into
  95. Painted or unpainted
  96. Hyundai To Take On BMW M4 with N-tuned Genesis Coupe
  97. Anyone ever made a cheap intercooler sprayer?
  98. 2017 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Adopting 3.3T, AWD
  99. Why such a huge price difference with catch cans
  100. Does swapping out rubber FMIC piping with metal make a difference?
  101. Test fit the Prodigy lip
  102. Foglights on a switch or parking lights?
  103. Members who put their car into storage during the winter
  104. New front lip delivered yesterday
  105. ab-b Hyundai recalls 10k Genesis Coupes for detached driveshafts
  106. Why are my HID's acting like this?
  107. yellow or white fogs
  108. Just a friendly reminder
  109. Low Coolant?
  110. What can happen if you dont use synthetic oil?
  111. Genesis Coupe Twin Turbo with All Wheel Drive and 8 AT Spotted
  112. Is it normal for a car to feel faster after break in periods?
  113. I hope they make an N brand Genesis
  114. How bad is the gas at discount places?
  115. Decent polish?
  116. Microfiber vs Cotton towel?
  117. 2015 Nissan 370Z vs 2015 Hyundai Genesis Coupe – Video
  118. Does your dealer wash your car
  119. How do I protect my carbon fiber hood?
  120. Sunroof maintenance
  121. Annoying Rear View Mirror Rattle After Subwoofers installed
  122. Race wheels
  123. Fisheyes
  124. Is driving without hubcentric rings bad for the car?
  125. Looking for a new shift boot
  126. Buying a 2013 GC
  127. Hardware Organization
  128. ST Suspensions Lowering kits
  129. Korean Novelty License Plates
  130. Creaks & Rattles
  131. Hyundai’s New 3.3L Twin-Turbo V6 Engine Specs Leaked
  132. Seafoam question
  133. A lowered cars eternal enemy
  134. Stock power band chart
  135. Bilstein struts for genesis coupe
  136. 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe: Yes or No?
  137. Need help choosing a 4 channel amp
  138. Anybody know of any XM discounts?
  139. Most Vivid Examples Of Billet Grilles for the Hyundai Genesis
  140. Upgrade your Suspension with Eibach Lowering Kit
  141. 18s on front 19s on rear
  142. After 15 years, I'm selling my tib
  143. Why are the OEM Metal Pedals So Expensive?
  144. Searching for a powered sub recommendation
  145. winter tire/wheel recommendations
  146. Torque Dampers
  147. Baby wipes to clean the interior
  148. 550HP Hyundai Genesis AR550 Concept
  149. If any of you guys are looking for a cheap name brand tablet
  150. Who ordered their Genesis from Hyundai?
  151. Anyone had to replace their wheel bearings yet?
  152. Making the Genesis logo white again
  153. Somebody explain to me why the Genesis doesnt use spark plug wires
  154. Winter Floor Mats
  155. Using e85
  156. 2017 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Spy Shots
  157. How easy is it to pop the locks?
  158. Do you leave your bluetooth connected all the time?
  159. Which one of you werent paying attention?
  160. Factory Oil Pump
  161. Chrome fuse box covers
  162. How annoying are you with your blow off valve?
  163. Heat Soaked IC
  164. V8 Genesis Coupe officially announced
  165. Weird thud when stopped
  166. Clutch pedal vibration
  167. Stupid slammed car
  168. Side Mirror Turn Signal LEDs
  169. Bad Wheel Bearing
  170. Good alarm system for a Genesis
  171. Win a Hyundai Genesis Based on Your Skills
  172. 2012 2.0T A/T stock BPV/BOV ?'s
  173. Sort of a Turd?
  174. Say byebye to the 2.0 Turbo
  175. Genesis Got Good Safety News, but it Comes at a Price
  176. Bad news for people waiting on the new Gen Coupe
  177. Funny occurrence this morning
  178. SoWo 2014
  179. Wish Hyundai did this with the Genesis
  180. Drama in the car scene
  181. 91 vs 93 octane
  182. Parking in the sun on a hot summer day
  183. LS3 Genesis Coupe: Pics and Video!
  184. Dash lights staying on
  185. Genesis running 12's in the 1/4
  186. Genesis Car Cover
  187. Who has their car out of winter hibernation already?
  188. When you act like a moron
  189. Double takes
  190. Will any 5x114.3 wheel fit
  191. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnn
  192. White raised letters
  193. Why do people with RSPEC's and Track models
  194. Put some stickers on my baby
  195. File formats
  196. 5x4.5
  197. Hey everyone, newbie here!
  198. Got myself a set of spyder tails
  199. Slip the clutch??
  200. What color headlights?
  201. Has aftermarket support for the Genesis peaked?
  202. 2014 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Priced from $27,245
  203. The Genesis is 4 years old now
  204. Nice mod but not for daily drivers
  205. $400 for Brembos
  206. What size tires?
  207. Watched a Genesis shatter its front bumper today
  208. Can you run meth injection on a stock tune?
  209. Riding slammed through the winter
  210. Leasing a Genesis
  211. What size is the thread needed for a screw on shift knob?
  212. Is the Genesis a cop magnet?
  213. What the Coming 2015 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Must Have
  214. Nissan and Infinity drivers showing support
  215. Canned tunes versus custom ones
  216. What's the weaker part - Intercooler or Piping?
  217. Govenor questions
  218. Changing seat covers
  219. What does everyone think of the 2015 Sedan?
  220. Titan vs. Genesis
  221. I love these wheels but will they fit?
  222. 2014 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Receives New Updates for South Korea
  223. Hello and general questions
  224. Bluetooth Updates
  225. What size tires?
  226. Are these any good?
  227. Cheapest insurance for Hyundai Genesis
  228. How can I make subwoofer that is connected to a factory radio sound cleaner?
  229. The 10 least reliable cars
  230. Exclusive: 2015 Hyundai Genesis Naked Picture Hits The Web
  231. Which windshield wipers are better?
  232. Trunk light
  233. Gas questions about storing car for the winter
  234. Real world gas mileage
  235. A Hyundai more powerful than a Ferrari
  236. Winter Prep
  237. Megan Control Arms
  238. Cancelled my XM today
  239. 2013 genesis coupe
  240. I decided I want GTR wheels
  241. Chrome wrap
  242. Will this fit my e-brake?
  243. Why does the transmission suck so bad
  244. Dual Projector Thread
  245. Taking the car in for warranty work
  246. Switch back mirrors
  247. Common for the GC to eat some oil?
  248. 2014 Genesis
  249. touch up paint or paint pens
  250. Would you value a lowered car less than a stock car?