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  1. Got myself a dash cam
  2. hyundai tiburon climate control
  3. Braum Race Seats
  4. Bass time
  5. Custom speaker panels
  6. Santa Fe Stereo System
  7. Leather seat covers
  8. Changing leather seats out for cloth
  9. Bought some luxury mats for the Gen
  10. Upgrading door speaker wires
  11. Bandpass to sealed box
  12. 6-3/4" door speakers
  13. Weathertech floor mats
  14. Tinted windsheilds
  15. Amp qualities
  16. How long does paint smell last inside of a car?
  17. Cleaning the inside of your windshield the right way
  18. How to Find a Parasitic Battery Drain
  19. Keyfob Remotes
  20. Analog or Digital Gauges
  21. Cleaning the tiburon logo on floormats
  22. Bought a Zenclosure for my Genny
  23. Gauge lenses
  24. Heel/Toe Extension Pedals
  25. how hot is too hot? trunk temps for car audio
  26. Replacing only the front speakers
  27. Raw wire or terminals
  28. Todays project
  29. Just sound deadened doors... disappointed!
  30. Bad sunroof switch?
  31. Suede pillars and headliners
  32. Reupholstering seats
  33. Cluster bulbs replaced but still looks horrible
  34. When shining up your interior....
  35. Cleaning tinted windows
  36. Order of components
  37. Shampooing Interior
  38. If you cant hear speakers and subs in person, how do you determine what's good?
  39. Rear floor is getting wet
  40. Android Auto
  41. Question for those that use XM
  42. Painting woofer cones
  43. Best quick wipes for dash/gauge plastic
  44. trunk time!
  45. Cellular Radio
  46. Keyless Ignition Car Theft
  47. Can Reverse Polarity Kill Tweeters?
  48. Best way to wire multiple turn on leads
  49. XM car kit
  50. Does having a good sound system in your car make driving your car that much more fun?
  51. Bluetooth speaker for cell phones
  52. Scratches on my radio face
  53. Remote Controls
  54. Do you keep cash in your car?
  55. JBL speakers
  56. Remote start on a manual
  57. Radios with Pandora built in
  58. Liquid Sound Deadeners?
  59. Anybody else OCD about keeping their carpet clean?
  60. Good carpet products
  61. Has car audio technology peaked
  62. Embroidered headrests
  63. Floor Mats
  64. What cone material do you prefer?
  65. Constant power for dash cam
  66. Dash camera saves man from lying police?
  67. Thinking about doing a wood trunk
  68. Car theft in under 15 seconds
  69. Sparco, Bride or Corbeau
  70. Sound deadening
  71. Speaker connections
  72. Best way to get wrinkles out of leather seats
  73. Bluetooth Multimedia Remote
  74. Single 12 or dual 10's
  75. Overrated brands of car stereo
  76. what do you use to keep your ride smelling fresh?
  77. Amplifier level control in dash
  78. Wiring advantages, series / parallel
  79. Neck pads
  80. Break-in period for front stage
  81. Is your radar detector hard wired?
  82. Sound deadening inside sub box
  83. Wiring question
  84. Reach and Clean Tool
  85. Any experience with small wet dry vacs?
  86. Headrest monitor wiring
  87. Got my car VIN etched
  88. What do they mean by proper acoustic phase?
  89. Auto dimming reat view mirror
  90. Ground Loops
  91. Shift LIghts
  92. Snakeskin anyone?
  93. How much powerful can the amp be than the subs
  94. After owning a double din for 4 months, cant see myself going back to single din
  95. Which do you listen to the most?
  96. This $30 device can get into cars and garages
  97. This is why everyone should install a dash camera
  98. Vacuuming interior
  99. An intricate decibel equivalent table
  100. What should I use to protect/moisturize leather seats ?
  101. Car Cleaning Caddie
  102. Are break-in periods still necessary?
  103. How much did you guys pay to get your windows tinted?
  104. Headphones while driving are a thing now?
  105. Why not just wear your seatbelt
  106. Fiberglass body filler which one
  107. Favorite XM channels?
  108. So what makes a subwoofer good?
  109. Sun Shades
  110. How would a person go about making cooled seats?
  111. LED Wiring
  112. Does Music Sound Better Bluetooth Or USB
  113. Switching up stereo components
  114. installing a car alarm with remote starter
  115. Wrapped my interior tonight
  116. 0 gauge wiring kits
  117. Work is giving me free speakers, but which set to choose?
  118. Son of a . . . Inside Driver Door Handle Snapped!
  119. Extra necessities in trunk
  120. Anyone have an 8" sub in their car?
  121. Is HiFonics a good brand?
  122. carpet cleaning
  123. got new seat covers
  124. Fuse before or after reconnecting battery
  125. Aries 3d mats, need opinions
  126. Bandpass Box Question
  127. Q for the audio experts
  128. Auto Starters
  129. whats up with my cup holder thing
  130. Too little airspace?
  131. Target Blu Eye - Radar detector alternative
  132. Eject button cigar lighter
  133. Need some songs to test the limits of my new sound setup
  134. Low frequencies shut down fuel pump
  135. RD plasma tacho glow gauge dials
  136. Thinking about getting rid of my powered 12
  137. Turn on your BS meters
  138. Sparco Evo II
  139. How to set gain with high level speaker inputs?
  140. alcantara question
  141. Alarm System
  142. What are your EQ settings?
  143. The coolest car phone charger you will see today
  144. Power Distribution block
  145. Chassis ground vs cable ground..
  146. Dash Cams
  147. Speaker wire... Home Depot?
  148. Do tweeters need to be broken in?
  149. noob CD player installation question
  150. 2 vs 4 preamp outputs
  151. door tweeters in a xd
  152. Dust In Box Bad?
  153. keyless entry
  154. 2 questions
  155. Cooled seats
  156. In dash/console gauges
  157. Sound Responsive LED's on Subwoofer?
  158. boobs and bass
  159. simple waterproof splices?
  160. Rockford Fosgate Prime Speakers
  161. Center console fix
  162. Capacitor question
  163. Radio no longer works after battery disconnect
  164. Inline Capacitors
  165. Are all amp install kits made the same?
  166. Leather steering wheel care?
  167. How do I get this in my car?
  168. Got the final part to my tablet install!
  169. Time Alignment
  170. Would you buy a car that you know someone smoked in?
  171. Does the stock radio have enough power for these?
  172. Thanks Amazon!
  173. What kind of radar detector do you have?
  174. stuffing a sealed subwoofer box
  175. Twisted pair vs normal
  176. Really need a cell phone mount
  177. JL W7 question
  178. Does anyone listen to AM radio?
  179. question about grounding multiple amps
  180. passenger seat to driver seat modification
  181. How long did your new car smell last?
  182. Sunroof Seals
  183. Nice modification to the center console
  184. Mounting amps to back of seats
  185. Strange box design
  186. Sound quality of Pandora vs. Spotify
  187. Do you use tones or music for setting 4ch amp gains?
  188. Cleaning the top of center console
  189. Can amps go bad just sitting
  190. Interior modernization
  191. Class D vs A/B for full range
  192. Plastidip steering wheel
  193. How easy is it to steal a Hyundai?
  194. Powered sub or separate components?
  195. Do you think I can squeeze this in my hatch?
  196. Setting gains best with or without a load?
  197. What are some SPl tricks or tips you have learned?
  198. opposite facing subs
  199. Guage Lens and Radio Face Lens
  200. A wiring quesiton
  201. The factory radio finally gave up......
  202. Why don't auto makers use better temperature and oil pressure gauges?
  203. Polyfill and Sub Enclosures
  204. Wire length versus amerage
  205. Does your system punch you in the chest?
  206. Owners manual in glovebox
  207. Testing signal to noise ratio
  208. Floor mats in the washing machine
  209. Splitting RCA Input?
  210. Polk Audio or Focal speakers?
  211. Which one are you?
  212. Kicker CVR or Alpine Type S?
  213. Speaker cone designs and their effects
  214. is it the amp or speakers?????
  215. Steering wheels are for pussies
  216. When do leather seats need conditioner?
  217. How do I wire 3 DVC subs to one amp?
  218. Question about clipping
  219. Drive it like you stole it
  220. Best way to wire up my Audio setup and Setting LPF and HPF
  221. Image dynamics VS. Alpine (6.5 speakers)
  222. Amp kits
  223. nexus 7 tablet install in my 05 tiburon
  224. What are balanced inputs?
  225. Do you keep your glovebox locked?
  226. Subwoofer Tube or Square Box
  227. Looking for somthing that may not exist ?
  228. JL Audio CP208LG-W3v3
  229. EQ Question
  230. Best products to clean the interior?
  231. Questions about Passive Crossovers
  232. too many amps need bigger alternator. what can i use
  233. Thieves Crack Keyless Security, Break Into Keyless Cars
  234. Cleaning stereo components
  235. Do you think JVC decks can be ranked up there with Pioneer and Alpines?
  236. Interesting new Kenwood Excelon XR amps
  237. Will this work for joining 4ga cable?
  238. creaking seat?
  239. quick question.. bass boost and gain setting...
  240. Sound stage depth
  241. Turn Off Pop
  242. Legality of race seats and harnesses
  243. Can a crossover damage a tweeter?
  244. Speaker recommendations?
  245. Driver side door lock issue - needs a locksmith
  246. Anyone MECP Advanced Certified?
  247. 5-Channel Class D Amp, options?
  248. When a good song comes on the radio while driving
  249. power inverters
  250. Cell Phone Into USB