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  1. my veloster stereo a replacement
  2. engine rattle
  3. Have you ever hit a skunk?
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  10. Kind of like the RD2
  11. Glad I didn't do a Ceramic coating
  12. Velosters should have been AWD
  13. Anybody having issues with bearings after driving with spacers?
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  15. adjusting body panel gaps
  16. Growing tired of the wide body scene
  17. Universal side skirt splitters
  18. Help
  19. What to do if it's too cold to put wax on?
  20. How much do you guys spend monthly on detailing your car?
  21. Lightweight Battery Options
  22. Damn tree sap
  23. quality fog light full kit
  24. A case for the spare tire’s return
  25. 5 channel amp vs multiple amps?
  26. Carbon fiber EZ Lip
  27. Good place to buy worm gears?
  28. How did you guys pay to have your car tinted?
  29. Does anyone have 35% window tint?
  30. Polished calipers
  31. When buying tires, what's the best speed rating to get?
  32. Enclosure questions
  33. Proper fitment
  34. This kit is beautiful
  35. What condition are your wheels in?
  36. Who's car? Sowo 2015
  37. Is 2015 Veloster reliable?
  38. Are the turbo bumpers a direct swap on NA Velosters?
  39. Temperature for clay bar
  40. 2016 Hyundai Veloster - Official
  41. Anyone know what wheels these are?
  42. flat acceleration limp mode in automatic drive
  43. What are your plans for your car next year?
  44. How good are JL Audio's stealth boxes?
  45. Suggestions, please??
  46. Btr Canned Tune
  47. Can a good high quality amp improve OEM sound?
  48. It appears the Veloster may be done for
  49. What do you guys carry in your car to take bird poop/sap...etc off right away?
  50. Are there a lot of Velosters where you live?
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  54. Poor car
  55. Forgestars
  56. Hi to all the NAV & VT owners !
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  62. R Spec Veloster
  63. Test drive etiquette?
  64. If there was on thing I learned..
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  66. Air Ride
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  69. This Veloster wont be going anywhere for awhile
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  73. Under bumper scrapes
  74. 3M Paint Defender
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  76. 5 panel panoramic mirrors
  77. Nice color combo
  78. ab-b 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo: April 2013
  79. Velosters with 20" wheels look like ass
  80. Yellow headlights
  81. ab-b 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo: March 2013
  82. Somebody fill me in. Is this crap true?
  83. Spacer thread
  84. ab-b Hyundai recalls 6,071 more Velosters over shattering sunroofs
  85. Hyundai adds about 6,100 cars to sunroof recall
  86. This sub box is awesome
  87. f Hyundai Veloster Turbo vs Scion tC RS 8.0 - Video
  88. Turbo vs NA clutches
  89. Anybody use spray wax?
  90. Turbosocks FMIC kit going into production this month!
  91. How to change your wiper blades 101
  92. Understanding RMS relationship between speaker and amp
  93. Shattering sunroofs prompt Hyundai to recall sport Veloster
  94. Sound Ordinance subs?
  95. Red angel eyes
  96. Seibon CF hoods
  97. Any turbos even on here??
  98. Someone should buy one of these Velosters
  99. Orange peel, really?
  100. Will Hyundai fix my fading paint?
  101. I hated the veloster
  102. HYUNDAI Veloster Non turbo but looking to add
  103. I love this spoiler
  104. How long was your test drive?
  105. AWD Veloster
  106. Nitrous in a Veloster
  107. Running the power wire
  108. Autocrossing in a Veloster
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  110. Saw a yellow Veloster with yellow underbody neon
  111. I might be back....
  112. Hyundai Motor Finance
  113. Anyone raced their V yet?
  114. Winter Driving
  115. Veloster with plasti-dipped wheels and grill
  116. What will the next generation have?
  117. Test drove the Veloster Turbo this weekend
  118. Interfuse OBDII Bluetooh + Torque app + 5 min fuse box cover mod
  119. Veloster/Turbo Suspension/Exhaust pictures.
  120. My car as is sits right now..
  121. Would you call the Veloster Turbo a sports car?
  122. How are tires chosen for a particular model?
  123. Is Hyundai Veloster an evolution of Skoda Joyster?
  124. ab-b Hyundai Veloster Turbo R-Spec in the cards?
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  127. Getting my car next week sometime!!!
  128. From the Obvious Files: German Mayor says men park better than women...
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  130. 3m Show Car Wax
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  132. HyundaiUSA.com has the Vturbo customizer up!
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  134. OFFICIAL Veloster Turbo Colors w/ seat trim options
  135. Official OFFICIAL Veloster Turbo Pricing
  136. Pricing announced on Vturbo.. sorta..
  137. Bead-lock wheels for Rhys Millen Rallycross
  138. Intake sizing
  139. Remove Carbon from Exhaust Tip
  140. Someone with a Veloster, do this :P
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  143. Hyundai Veloster Cabrio
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  148. Just got my Luxon sway bar
  149. Which is better: hub centric or lug centric wheels?
  150. Here she is!!
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  152. 19's or 20's
  153. New Veloster
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  156. Tunes?
  157. Handbuilt Veloster Parts from Nameless Performance, Inc.
  158. Slammed Velosters
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  160. Big Brake Upgrades
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  167. I wonder
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  190. Doesnt sound that bad
  191. Lots of commercials
  192. Hyundai supports 3-somes
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