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  1. Anthony Bourdain Dead At 61 - Possible Suicide
  2. Chick Filet Opens Here This Week
  3. Home Delivery Meals
  4. It's National Oreo Day!
  5. Favorite cuts of steak
  6. Anyone else noticing their grocery bills getting higher?
  7. Sugar Bomb
  8. Make sure you don’t eat zombie deer meat!
  9. Donut Eating Champion Charged with Burglary of a Dunkin Donuts
  10. Fire Noodle Challenge
  11. What's a good wine for Christmas parties?
  12. How do you prepare your Thanksgiving Turkey?
  13. Would You Take the Challenge?
  14. Steak and a Snake...
  15. Don't put ketchup on hot dogs
  16. Brining meat, anybody recommend it?
  17. Happy Free Slurpee Day
  18. Carolina Reapers
  19. Competitive eater downs 22.5 pounds of prime rib in less than an hour
  20. How much cream and sugar do you guys put in your coffee?
  21. How do you get a good "crust" on a steak?
  22. McChicken sandwiches are serious business
  23. I refuse to believe this is true
  24. Massive shakeout coming to the craft beer industry
  25. Man dies from eating gas station food
  26. Don't order fish in NJ
  27. Starbucks Unicorn Frap
  28. I dont know how I feel about this
  29. Dead chicken with milk
  30. So how is the Grand Mac?
  31. Death Star pie for Valentines Day
  32. Whats your preferred cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich?
  33. Eat spicy foods, live longer
  34. McDonald’s to give away 10,000 bottles of special sauce
  35. Taco Bells new fried chicken taco shell
  36. Whiskey drinkers
  37. It's eggnog season
  38. Bought a turkey fryer
  39. Fall season beers
  40. Scenario: You had only one type canned food to stock your doomsday shelter
  41. Ramen Noodles. The new currency in prison
  42. Anybody else drink cold beer while showering?
  43. If you had to pick a mail order bride . . .
  44. 120 pound little girl manages to down 48 pieces of KFC in one sitting
  45. How often do you guys put hot sauce on stuff?
  46. Chipotle challenge - can anyone here eat that much Chipotle?
  47. yo dawg, i just put cheese in yo cheese
  48. Cooks, how often do you use vinegar?
  49. Strongest coffee you ever had?
  50. Which part of the cow is your favorite?
  51. Starbucks is getting sued
  52. How would you feel if bananas disappeared forever?
  53. Do you eat pizza with a fork?
  54. How much do you spend on beer every month?
  55. Does anyone else hate corned beef and cabbage?
  56. dipping fries in milk shake?
  57. Fat people get angry at buffet's
  58. Guy Eats In-N-Out Like An Absolute Maniac
  59. Burger King Extra Long Cheeseburger
  60. Why so cynical about organic food?
  61. American Breakfast
  62. Chick-fil-A makes rare Sunday exception in Texas
  63. Steak etiquette: Cut it all up at once, or one piece at a time?
  64. Gov't offers guidelines: Hold the 16-oz drink, limit salt
  65. Human brewery beats drunk driving charge
  66. Anyone plan to deep fry their turkey?
  67. Olive oil is actually bad for you?
  68. Processed meats rank alongside smoking as cancer causes
  69. Should restaurants ban tipping?
  70. Next time you say something tastes like sh*t.....
  71. LGBT Doritos is now a thing
  72. Man saves family and rack of ribs from house fire
  73. How do I get a burner like this at home?
  74. Iran gives China competition for knock-offs
  75. Bacon flavored seaweed
  76. McDonald's coming out with bigger quarter pounder patty
  77. A horrible-tasting Mexican beer is so popular there's now a shortage in America
  78. F--- it! I didn't need that foot anyway
  79. China serves meat from the 70's to their restaurants
  80. Anybody use grubhub when ordering food?
  81. Behold the dausage: Half donut, half sausage
  82. What do you dip your chicken wings in?
  83. Pizza Hut Projector
  84. National Donut Day
  85. Cast iron skillet/griddle + grill
  86. Bud Light apologizes for promoting ''rape culture''
  87. Blue Bell recalls all products
  88. This is how much milk is in Hawaii
  89. Taco Bell to test delivery
  90. Easter pierogies
  91. Finally a smart knife for chefs!
  92. Life's greatest problem solved by MIT
  93. The proper way to cook bacon
  94. What are you eating and drinking for St Patty's Day?
  95. St Paddys Drinks
  96. Krispy Kreme Donut Dog
  97. 1LB Snickers "Slice N Share"
  98. Taco Bell Is Now Selling Cap’n Crunch Donuts
  99. Pizza Fatness
  100. Is pastrami bad for you?
  101. All hail the Quesalupa!
  102. Whats on your Superbowl snack list?
  103. Mmmm more fatness
  104. Would you ever live in an apartment above a restaurant?
  105. You have been doing it wrong
  106. Bacon has gotten cheaper. When will ribeye steaks prices go down?
  107. Cooking bacon on different grills
  108. Doritos flavored Mtn Dew
  109. I'll never buy your sausage ever again!
  110. 750 calories for $6
  111. Enuff brotein for ur gains?
  112. Needs more bacon
  113. Beer flavored coffee
  114. Coca-Cola Brings Back Surge Soda
  115. Pumpkin beer
  116. Do you eat curry?
  117. In Japan BK sells black burger: would you buy one
  118. LMAO Frise
  119. Sharing....right?
  120. Differences between Porn and real sex explained with food
  121. New grilled cheese technology promises.
  122. What weird food combinations do you enjoy?
  123. Smoothie ideas?
  124. Chilis installs tablets, reduces need for waiters
  125. Mmmm....fatness!
  126. What's the best way to store produce?
  127. Whats on the menu for this weekend?
  128. McDonald's Unveils Terrifying New Character Named 'Happy'.
  129. Fast-food workers strike across U.S.
  130. Best "barrel" for Scotch
  131. Keurig vs Traditional Coffee Maker
  132. powdered alcohol
  133. BRB...going to Canada...
  134. KFC Chicken Corsage
  135. Ninja, Ninja Snack!
  136. Charcoal vs Propane?
  137. SCIENCE: Beer can help prevent cancer
  138. 8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately
  139. Food Porn (because I'm hungry edition)
  140. Canada Gets Taco Bell Breakfast When They Take Bieber Back
  141. A couple pasta recipes I've been using
  142. Be honest...would you eat this?
  143. Corned Beef & Cabbage
  144. 14 Fast Food and Restaurant Employees Confess the One Item You Should Never Order
  145. Be careful the next time you order something with sausage
  146. The Heart Breaker
  147. Death Row - What would your last meal be???
  148. Does Taco Bell's Breakfast Menu Look Even Remotely Edible?
  149. Dishes in the sink
  150. Fine Dining
  151. Recent cooking fails?
  152. All hail the pasta dome!
  153. Espresso or regular coffee?
  154. Hot Coffee vs McDonald's 2
  155. I would try it
  156. The Inexpensive Wines Thread
  157. McDonald's stuck with 10 MILLION POUNDS of Mighty Wings.
  158. At restaurant with friends, bill comes around what do you do
  159. What Your Favorite Cheese Says About You
  160. The Swedish Chef faces Gordon Ramsay in the ultimate Muppet cook-off
  161. The 12 Best Gingerbread Houses of 2013
  162. 25 Of The Worst Food Product Names To Ever Hit The Shelves
  163. What do you do with all of your Thanksgiving leftovers?
  164. Do you still eat "kids" cereal?
  165. Awesome Cooking Hacks For Thanksgiving
  166. How do you cook your turkey for Thanksgiving?
  167. The U.S. is gradually becoming a totalitarian state
  168. Glow in the dark ice cream
  169. Venison Burgers
  170. In need of a new blender
  171. Want to piss of the bartender?
  172. Good video on the McDonalds coffee lawsuit
  173. Boss bacon burger
  174. Do you consider Smirnoff Ice a girls drink?
  175. Study: Oreo Cookies As Addictive As Cocaine
  176. Natural Vanilla substitutes
  177. Five Guys opens their first drive-thru
  178. Illegal NYC Dinner Parties?
  179. Wendy's Girl
  180. Waffle House >> IHOP
  181. The McDonals McFatty Box
  182. What's your favorite food to have on the grill?
  183. Did you have a "Birthday Meal" when you were a kid?
  184. Best Post-Cereal Milk?
  185. What are Vegans not allowed to eat ?
  186. Waffle Taco
  187. Anyone here make their own liquor?
  188. Couple hold their wedding reception at a McDonalds
  189. History of bacon
  190. how do you eat your spaghetti?
  191. Denied at Drive Thru, Woman Brings Horse Inside McDonalds
  192. Jamie Oliver Campaign makes McDonald’s change recipe
  193. propane vs charcoal grilles
  194. Couple Makes Funny Food Requests on Hotel Reservation. Hotel Totally Delivers
  195. Toilet Water Coffee From Starbucks Puts Customers in Crappy Mood
  196. The Pizza Belt
  197. Are you ready to start eating insects?
  198. Worth going to culinary school?
  199. Wine infused popcorn
  200. Keurig anyone?
  201. Think you could eat an entire bag in one sitting?
  202. What's actually inside an average cup of coffee
  203. Guiness Book of World Records, Largest food dish
  204. Wendy's bringing out the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger this week nationwide
  205. Cant wait for my new fridge to be delivered
  206. Switching up your diet?
  207. Living without food
  208. Anyone ever drank pure moonshine?
  209. Say It With Bacon
  210. Healthy Fat Cutting foods/meals
  211. Something to think about
  212. Krusty Burger is now open for business!
  213. 9 Ingredients Nutritionists Won't Touch
  214. buying wild salmon online
  215. Name that one snack/candy you can't resist
  216. McDonald's gives Charles Ramsey free food for a year
  217. Georgia Man Offering His Coca-Cola Recipe for $5M
  218. Tuna Fish
  219. Kitchen Nightmares - Amy's Baking Company
  220. $325,000 burger
  221. Sonic's Peanut Butter and Bacon Milkshake
  222. Inappropriate Restarurant Names, May Edition
  223. Call 911
  224. McDonald's Breakfast All Day Could Happen, CEO Says
  225. Do tip on take out orders?
  226. Whats the oldest thing currently in your fridge?
  227. They forgot our chicken wings
  228. Coolest oven mitt ever
  229. Best mainstream beer?
  230. Cooking oil/pan/element question
  231. How do I know which foods are clean when labels are so full of sh*t?
  232. Too much Ramen
  233. Thug Kitchen
  234. Any cognac drinkers here?
  235. Beercade
  236. Graze UK Maybe USA
  237. Sweet potato fries
  238. LMAO
  239. Would you be willing to try this?
  240. GRAZE - snacks delivered to your door weekly
  241. Seasoning of Stainless Steel frying pan
  242. Is blue moon beer.....
  243. Deviled Eggs
  244. Whats on your Easter menu?
  245. Is there one food you hated as a kid but will eat now as an adult?
  246. Indian food is stinky?
  247. Top 10 Sugary Cereals
  248. Stalling Out at the Drive Thru
  249. Who uses teflon pans here?
  250. Five Guys raising their prices