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  1. Pillar covers - how to remove adhesive
  2. Interchangeable doors
  3. Appearance Mods for my Project Betty Blue
  4. Lowering springs
  5. Socal garage works carbon fiber front lip and side skirt covers for sale
  6. Car Umbrella
  7. How often do you guys wash your cars
  8. 7 year old headlights starts to haze
  9. Good idea to dry car with a leaf blower?
  10. Emblems fading
  11. Aftermarket headlamp assemblies
  12. Spring Cleaning Check List
  13. Do you keep a large quantity of microfiber towels around?
  14. Products from Jay Lenos Garage
  15. Do you support car wash fund raisers?
  16. Snowbrushes mess up your paint
  17. I love pricing errors!
  18. My CF hood will be 10 years old in a few months
  19. How long should a professional detailing service last?
  20. World's Rarest and Most Expensive' car wax
  21. Lock Deicer before or after car washes
  22. Are there any car care products that gave you really bad results?
  23. Mr Clean Paint Correction
  24. Drying cars - microfiber towel or mini blower?
  25. Nanoskin spray
  26. The best way to restore foggy/yellow headlights
  27. Touching up rock chipped paint the proper way
  28. I wish there was an easy chroming kit you could buy
  29. How hard is it to really paint a car?
  30. Random but super helpful detailing tips
  31. No sanding for new clear coat?
  32. Gel coat versus clear coat
  33. Texting and driving
  34. Never fails
  35. Is there an easy way to remove bird droppings off your car without scratching the underlying paint?
  36. What products have you used once and tossed because they were trash?
  37. Meguiars PlastX for headlights
  38. Chemical Guys Hand Applicators
  39. milky white spots after removing pinstriping
  40. Widebody done right
  41. Detailing in the high heat
  42. Microfiber cloths to apply wax
  43. Protecting your car
  44. Who still uses paste wax?
  45. The back of this Tiburon has seen some serious sh*t
  46. Engine bay lights
  47. Any tips on using paint pens?
  48. Help! What am I doing wrong?
  49. Will cheap chinese clay bars hurt my paint?
  50. Organizing car care products
  51. The Swarm tail light concepts
  52. How is your carbon fiber hood doing?
  53. Using a leaf blower to dry car
  54. New tails
  55. Soap with wax in it
  56. Colored buffing pads
  57. Are these yellow pads ok to use for waxing and polishing?
  58. Newspaper to clean windows
  59. Why do headlights oxidize but corner signals dont?
  60. Don't Know How Some Of You Guys Do It
  61. Can constant clay baring hurt your paint?
  62. What would happen if....
  63. Question about polishing with a DA
  64. Spot free rinse
  65. Now this is different
  66. Your favorite wipe on wipe off product
  67. Foam and foam guns
  68. Stubby antennas
  69. California Dusters
  70. Why does this have to be out of stock
  71. Best wax for white car?
  72. Maaco paint job
  73. Liquid vinyl is the future
  74. One HID is brighter than than the other
  75. Lights under the door panel
  76. ebay alert: KDM turbulance body kit and carbon fiber door sils
  77. What does plastidip feel like?
  78. One of my favorites
  79. What undercoating do you guys recommend?
  80. Thoughts on wrapping hood and hatch with CF vinyl
  81. Hyundai Spoiler
  82. ClayZilla
  83. I can see this causing all type of scratches
  84. Safelight glass replacement
  85. Door molding is nonexistent now
  86. Hyundais paint today versus back in the day
  87. Starting to become a compulsive buyer of detailing products
  88. Adding fog lights to 2000 RD2 Tib
  89. Dealer detail before buying car
  90. Heat sensitive paint
  91. Eagle One Surface Prep Mit
  92. Widest rims on a RD1?
  93. Did anybody register their car in any car shows yet this year?
  94. Black out license plates online?
  95. Does engine shine and cleaner smoke up or smell bad?
  96. Simple Green and a Garden Hose
  97. Thinking about adding stripes to my car
  98. If Plastidip existed back in the day
  99. Paint holograms
  100. Paint question
  101. Anybody put coatings on their car?
  102. Toothpaste used to restore headlights?
  103. Fundraiser car washes
  104. Orbital and wax
  105. So bright - Accent paint job
  106. After polishing
  107. This is a really nice bumper
  108. According to this article, yellow cars are the best
  109. Anyone paint their side view mirrors themselves?
  110. Wondering how these would look on my hood
  111. What gives paint its shine
  112. New type of plastidip?
  113. Vinyl wrapping a car in 45 minutes
  114. Santa needs to bring me this
  115. Ugly hood
  116. For the best shine
  117. Coldest you've waxed your car
  118. Who still drives around with underglow?
  119. Isopropyl Alcohol
  120. Best Cheap Light To View Scratches/Swirls
  121. The emotionally traumatic effects of peeling clearcoat
  122. be careful putting bug spray on around your car
  123. End of year detail checklist
  124. Redlight Cameras a PITA in your area? Fear no more.
  125. Tiny specs in windshield
  126. Lets see some freshly waxed cars
  127. F1 Style Brake Light
  128. Hyper wash from Meguiars
  129. Center pedestal or no pedestal?
  130. How do you decide when micro cloths need replacing?
  131. Rear window covers
  132. This reminds me of the hotwheels I had as a kid
  133. Wash Mitt Storage
  134. How to change high mount stop light
  135. Cleaning road tar off car
  136. chrome door handles
  137. Changing side mirrors to a different color
  138. Never seen this back bumper before
  139. When was the last time you did a full detail on your car?
  140. Liquid vs Paste Wax
  141. Swirl Marks
  142. High Temp Paint
  143. Salt stains in the engine bay
  144. Carbon Fiber H emblem
  145. New paint job
  146. 2000 Hyundai Accent GS Body kits
  147. Does ice ruin your paint?
  148. What does your spring detail consist of?
  149. epoxy or filler first
  150. The future of cars?
  151. Making headlights permanently clear
  152. It's getting cold! When to pack it in?
  153. Best wax that will last through the winter?
  154. Steel patches
  155. Durable car covers for Hyundai
  156. Automotive paint that glows AND switches on and off...
  157. Let's talk about the bull bars for Hyundai
  158. SpyderŪ LED tail lights for Hyundai Sonata
  159. How to attach and mold Side Skirts
  160. Budget drying towel
  161. Can you power wash your car too much?
  162. DA Buffer Pad Prep/Conditioning/Seasoning
  163. Which wheel colour looks better?
  164. How many Foam buff pads do you use to buff out the paint?
  165. Wipe New
  166. Does anyone dry their car with something like this?
  167. Remember when Plastidip was used for things like this
  168. Full respray
  169. Compressed Air Dent Removal
  170. scratches on windows
  171. Firewall shave kits
  172. How hard is it to do this conversion?
  173. Socket bases?
  174. Lights are officially painted!
  175. Are lambo doors still popular?
  176. Found and Lost ...
  177. Bird crap scratched my car
  178. Meguiar's Scratch X
  179. U.S. requires new cars to have backup cameras
  180. Help finding a body kit for 02 accent.
  181. Seeking 2 things...
  182. Carbon fiber gas door
  183. Carwash that doesnt leave water spots
  184. Norton Liquid Ice system
  185. headlight condensation
  186. Rain X De-Icer
  187. how many coats of wax for max protection?
  188. Inflatable Paint Booth
  189. Whats the coldest you ever washed and waxed your car?
  190. i have some questions on my 02 elantra
  191. When will LED headlights become mainstream?
  192. CARBON FIBER Vinyl Vehicle Car Wrap Decal Film
  193. Meguiars Clay Kit
  194. When detailing other cars
  195. Something worst than the Tuscani T badges
  196. Vinegar and water?
  197. Color Changing Car
  198. squeegee/dry blade
  199. Sun faded mirrors
  200. vinyl wrap question
  201. Genesis Tail Lights
  202. How often do you wash your car in the winter?
  203. Glass Paint
  204. Porter Cable or Rotary?
  205. Removing black tar from rocker panels
  206. Ice Scrapers
  207. Clear coat damage
  208. Customized Tail Lights - 2013 Genesis Coupe
  209. Wax question...why is some so expensive?
  210. Primer Sealer vs. Primer
  211. Returning a painted CF hood back to CF
  212. What color ?? Pictures of your cars please.
  213. Is DISH DETERGENT ok to use before I sand & prime the car?
  214. Heat Sensitive Paint
  215. Cadamuro hoods
  216. Scratch X 2.0
  217. clear coat coming off
  218. Is it necessary to wax after applying cleaner wax?
  219. Restoring Black Plastic
  220. Antenna Relocation
  221. Paint Meters- Waste of time?
  222. Paint code location
  223. cheapest da for first timer
  224. Is it safe to use a buffer on vinyl?
  225. Griots garage polishes 1-4
  226. Removing light windshield scratches
  227. rust repair panels for tiburons
  228. Benefits of using a Foam Gun?
  229. Do front lips look okay without side skirts
  230. Show of hands - how many of you do your own paint and body work?
  231. Ever Wonder how they do Paintless Dent Removal?
  232. What do you do when the polisher can't reach it?
  233. Mud Flaps
  234. Who uses Zaino?
  235. Sheepskin wash mitts...
  236. Gloves or Bare Hands when Buffing?
  237. What Is In Your Detailing Bucket?
  238. Small crease dent
  239. Are all clay bars created equal?
  240. Pocket Hose
  241. washing my car with bad water
  242. Best Car Wash Guy
  243. Logo puddle lights
  244. De-badging
  245. Rustoleum sells never wet now
  246. How smooth can wet sanding get a rough clear
  247. Kids do not try this at home
  248. How long does it take you to wash your car?
  249. Washing your car too often: Can it leave "negative affects?
  250. Are there any cool aftermarket grilles for the 2010 Accent