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  1. Turbosocks - Hyundai Aftermarket's FEATURED VENDOR: October - December 2011
  2. EclipseMTL and iheartmyRD fuel rails + FPR kits
  3. FPR kits and fuel rails
  4. the only reference dyno I have from one of my kits
  5. Was thinking about making a photobucket archive of RD mods
  6. Recent (3) FPR orders: shipped
  7. 03 Accent turbo kits
  8. Regarding 1.6L/1.5L DOHC turbo kits
  9. What stuff would you guys like to see?
  10. Any interest in FIC diagrams?
  11. AEM FIC Complete Beta wiring diagram
  12. Tuning: AEM FIC maps, logs, comments, suggestions.
  13. Turbo Systems: FAQ and General Info
  14. Turbo Systems: PCV options and information
  15. Turbo Systems: Advanced Turbo Info (A/R and trim) turbo sizes, etc.
  16. Turbo Systems: Intercooler pipe, Intercooler flow
  17. Individual parts?
  18. Complete Tuning package (RD)
  19. Mandrel Bent, 2mm thick, Aluminum Piping
  20. RD/Universal bolt on FPR kits
  21. Null
  22. RD/GK ENTRY turbo kit (Imported Turbos)
  23. RD/GK turbo kits (Garrett Turbos)
  24. My Introduction