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Sponsorship for Dummies

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Ok, so I have seen way too many threads asking, "how do I get sponsored?" or, "Sponsor me please". I've answered alot of threads in the past with ways to do it, but I'm thinking a sticky will be an easy way for people to read up on the topic without having to search through years of info on the site. smile.gif

Basically there are multiple types of sponsorships...partial, full, show, race, semi-partial, and new product/new car sponsorships. In order to get a sponsorship you need a few things...

1. You need to already have some work done to your car. Companies want to know that they're gonna give you something in exchange for exposure. If you have work done to your're more likely to go to shows and advertise for their product(s). Typically, you're gonna need at least 5k as a starting point, put into your car in aftermarket parts before you're even considered. Most companies want you to have more than 20k in mods before they sponsor you. Please do not waste peoples time by trying to get free stuff for your bone stock ride just because you don't have the for it!!

2. You need to type up a formal proposal and submit it to the company in which you would like to obtain a sponsorship from. It should include a brief description of yourself, what kind of car you have, the mods you have done, how much work you have done yourself, what you do for a living, and so gotta sell yourself basically. Let them also know that you are willing to represent them because that is what you're gonna need to do. You're gonna have to display some stickers/vinyls of their companies' name and you're gonna have to go to "x" amount of shows and take pictures. Make sure that the proposal is professional and not just one large paragraph. Obviously, you own a computer...if you have a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Word Processor, will have a form for you that you can just fill in the blanks. Please remember to use paragraphs, indent, all the stuff your high school english teacher told you when you're supposed to write a paper.

3. You should submit your proposal at the beginning of the year. Most companies want fresh cars for the new show season and it could start with yours. The further into the year you get, the harder it is to get the sponsorship.

Full sponsorships usually entail that you will get the part(s) for free, and it is up to you to have it installed. You will be required to take pictures of the install for their benefit. Full sponsorships are the hardest to get and the hardest to keep. You will have to go to shows and not just "meets". Your car must be in tip top shape and be show ready when it comes time for the show. You will also probably have to be at a minimum of 3 shows. You need to become a part of the car show world because're getting paid for it.

Partial and semi-partial sponsorships entail that you will get a large discount on the part(s) and it is up to you to have it installed. You again will have to take pictures of the install and also attend 3 or more shows. This is much easier because all you have to do is go to shows or even meets which happen all the time and are free to enter, and display the companies' stickers/vinyls at all times.

Show and Race sponsorships basically speak for will be a strictly car show kinda guy/girl or actually racing and using these parts from the companies. All of the above requirements from the full sponsorships apply.

Remember this, you will represent these companies at all times and if you show any form of misconduct while advertising for them (the stickers/vinyls), they can pull your sponsorship and charge you for the parts in full.

And whatever you do...DO NOT PAY FOR SPONSORSHIPS!!! Certain companies that will remain nameless by me...tell you to pay a fee first before you can be sponsored...this is BS!!! They might give you a discount on some parts...but most websites and companies do also if you give it the time. It is not a true sponsorship and very rarely do they help get anybody any kind of sponsorship! It's a scam to get your money and that's it!

Hope this helps some and answered any questions some of you may have. smile.gif
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Just want to say thanks so much for putting this up! I just left a comment on your member page before I found this. This is the best forum on this site as far as I'm concerned. As for getting specific parts from a certain company, can you send them a proposal and request for, say a certain body kit? I ask because I have a specific plan and theme for the mods I want to put on my Accent. I don't think I have $5000 worth of mods, but not too far off. Is a working knowledge of how to tune an engine a prerequisite for a show/ race full sponsorship? I love the sport of racing and I'm trying to save up to go to a racing school, and factory vehicles are my muses; I see a stock vehicle and think of everything it COULD be. Once again thank you SO much for posting this, you have just given me the first step to making my dreams come true (hopefully)! I sincerely hope you will have the time to respond to this and help me with some of the more specific questions I have. I am very serious about making this happen and I would love to represent at every show I go to. I seeem to be the only serious Hyundai enthusiast in my area.
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