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Hyunday Pony Turbocharged DrAG eDItION by GzK

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Vehicle: hyundai accent X3 99 gt turbo 1.5 dohc
Default Hyunday Pony Turbocharged DrAG eDItION by GzK


first sorry for my bad english but i'm french from Guadeloupe .

i will try to share with u my drag accent/pony

the car project is based on a 99 hyundai accent/pony X3 1.5 DOHC 16V it's called "GT" edition in my country .

but i don't keep the 1.5 dohc engine and it's been swapped by a 2L DOHC BETA 1 engine from a 99 hyundai Tiburon and going to be Turbocharge with a megasquirt based stand alone completely build by me on my own spec .

some pict to show you the thing :

i had started from scratch and need to build the passenger side engine mount to fit the tiburon engine there . after that i order a cheap chinese no name turbo kti on ebay to get some stuff i will need later , sell other and use the T3.T4 turbo and manifold to prototyping and blank assembly the whole .

i'm going water/air intercooler , the car is build for performance only , no daily driver care .

after some fiting and custom build mount :

remove everything to clean the engine bay and change the color of the paint to match the final car color :

to install the fidanza alumnium flywheel i had need to make an adapter , the part exist stock in the automatic version but in my country auto car isn't easy to find :

the one i have done :

stock HYUNDAI version :

after assembly

start reassemble the engine bay

at this moment everything is brand new or have been rebuild to better than new spec with race or stock part , anti rust and black ht paint .

my big brake kit is a mix between many hyundai car

hub and disc from tiburon , double piston caliper from a hyundai santa f

Custom build passenger engine mount and polyurethane filled .

all the engine mount have been filled like this to stop engine mouvement .
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Vehicle: hyundai accent X3 99 gt turbo 1.5 dohc

i run a hyundai getz DIESEL CRDI Gearbox because of the longer gear . if fit just bolt on .

assembly of the alternator etc...

make the turbo oil return

some TIG with the fuel return bung

at the end

ready to go back on the engine bay

i have retofit a 2000+ accent dashboard because you know the stock is crap and brok so easyli

play with some CF sheet , and some electronic to make all my gauge and switch work together :

missing some gauge (afr , egt etc...)

get my tiburon disc slotted

fuel return to go to the Fuel pressure regulator

have to work on the water methanol injection kit , the ice box for the intercooler and many other thing

i have installed a short shifter from a tiburon , it require minor fitting but fit nice

just receive my tig welder [kick]

and after some training : [2thumbsup]

first start on my megasquirt stand alone


some aluminium weld to make my charge piping , idle valve port and adapt my ebay blow off and water injection bung :


receive some gauge

Missing the shift light

some work at home the work in a better condition :

start to work on the exhaust .

i ran a E-Cutout for the race so my exhaust line is in 2 part one in 3" free flow and the other in 2.5" with a high flow CAT and a muffler for noise reudction to be road legal

installing walbro fuel pump instead of stock

some work in the cockpit lol

i have order some polyurethane bushing for all the chassi bushing


I have finish my control center , my E-Cut out is controled by a switch
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Vehicle: hyundai accent X3 99 gt turbo 1.5 dohc

the mecanic fuel pressur gauge is replaced by an electronic one .

now i work on the intercooler water piping and the coper heat exchanger for the ice box

in this configuration i have 2 setting , a road setting where the water will pass on a radiator and don't need ice for daily driving by example , and a race setting when the radiator is bypassed and i use ice to get lower water temp .

some bling lol :

hi had some overheat issue so i change my radiator setup with a oem fan rather than the ebay slim fan help me reduce the engin temp :

old :

new .

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Vehicle: hyundai accent X3 99 gt turbo 1.5 dohc

first test on my chinese turbo kit @ 0,4bar and no tune .

just another video to show you some megasquirt stuff

mod of the intake pipe to remove the oilbreather port and tap the air temp sensor :

same thing on the intercooler to install a PT100 temp sensor to monitor the water temperature in the intercooler

anti heat gasket

some bling again

cache et pipe admission en noir titanium "ssangyong"

Tiburon stock 15' rims

rear brake conversion with some tiburon part and home made caliber bracket

i use acid to remove rust and paint them with HT black peint

home made caliber bracket


polyurethane bushing installation

to remove the old i burn them

some tig welding to make a support for my msd coil

some pict of my megasquirt stock wiring adapter and the pcb sorry the indication are in french

all the stock stuff and other are controlled by the megasquirt (fuel pump , fan , turbo pressure , water injection , launch control etc...)

i installed my leather boot

i have received the radiator for the water / air intercooler for road use :

It's not the intercooler itself but the radiator to cool down the water passing in the air/water intercooler .

some paint again


first attempt to make fiber glass part for weight reduction : the hood


receive the missing bushing

ok so after stage 1 positive test i go to stage 2

forged piston and rod arp stuff big turbo and race manifold etc... [boxing]

new fuel pump aem 320l/H

new 850cc injector

new wastegate

CP forged piston with ceramix and graphit coating

still waiting for some part to start assemble everything [kick]

new manifold require some modification and new precision turbo 5858 CEA

need to make the downpipe jonction and the wastegate adaptation

i have some place issue as the whole is designed to fit under the tiburon hood , but the accent have less place so the manifold hit the coolant hose and ne some clearance for the radiator .

old setup

and with the new

i have found a new radiator @ summit racing

the inlet & outler are on the same side so no more clearance problem [winner]

blank installation

fan turbo clerance

receive my new drag wheels to

still waiting for my rod etc...

that's all for now

be free to comment positive or negative are welcome [nod]

receive my stuff from ATELIER HP in CANADA

Custom Crower IBEAM Rod

I will move my alternator in place where the AC compressor was :

arp bolt

oversize TB (58MM)

Missing the acl bearing and i can build the forged engine

news today

starting to fit the 2 radiators :

the bumper as bee cuted to fit

the alternator is relocated in place of the ac compressor so there is ton of place to install the external EMUSA Wastegate

and voila [2thumbsup]

i have receive my overbore stock TB from ATELIER HP

stock beta TB :

modified beta TB

blank forged CP piston & Crower I BEAM rod assembly and comparaison to the stock one

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Vehicle: MC + RD2 + AW11 + 944 = 4x Win

A beta swapped and boosted pony? With an XG bbk?!

x (∞+1)

Good show sir!

I wanted to find a Pony truck and give it the same treatment, but that's all dreams. You brought it to life in the coupe!
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Vehicle: 1997 Hyundai Tiburon

Just wanted to pop in and say great build so far!! I've always wanted to do an Accent build but haven't gotten around to it. Keep it up and get us some HP numbers
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That's a lot of work and quite a project. Did I see that you have megasquirt info displaying on an Android device? That's pretty awesome. I have no sound at work, I may be mistaken.
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Vehicle: 2000 tib

This is my kinda build!! .. I wanna see a 10 sec pass outta her!!,Can't go wrong with ATELIER HP Did'nt know a getz tranny would bolt up!?, I use a elantra tranny for a longer 4th gear.,did you install lsd?
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Vehicle: 1997 Tiburon

Looks like a very fun and time consuming build.

But I have to ask, who was the genius who hooked up the wastegate top port to the oil pressure line? LOL
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Vehicle: hyundai accent X3 99 gt turbo 1.5 dohc

thanks for your comment i will try to answer in order

the pony in my country are more popular thant the first tibby . the tibby was a berline car as the elantra , and people prefer french or european car . it not very long time that hyundai comme popular here .

i don't think a would be able to give you dyno number because there isn't any dyno here lol

the best i can do is measure with embedded device .

the megasquirt is home made with a bluettoth port com so i can get info on any android or pc bluetooth device .

my first work is computer and i have build many embedded computer so make the both communicate it's just a fun time .

i dont' have lsd for now for 2 reason .

the getz gearbox is a diesel one (CRDI) so it's longer thant the longer elantra gearbox .

so officialy and don't know which lsd it take because it's look like a std accent gearbox , i use the stock pony axle but i don't know if internally it's the same .

i haven't finish to test it to see if the engine is happy with the longer gear ;

so when i will sure i will buiy a qaife .

for the last , the wastegate is not conected to the port oil lol , its just to protect the port from debris the time i cut some metal .
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