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Hyundai Aftermarket Featured Girl – Miss Nicky
Residence: Westlake, Ohio

Occupation: Pharmacy Technician

Ethnicity: German, Swedish

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’2

Age: 24

Relationship status: Engaged (the wedding is in September)

Vehicle: 2008 Hyundai Tiburon GS

What kind of music do you listen to?

Trance, House, Progressive, Alternative Rock, Hip Hop and Pop.

What would be your dream job?

I love traveling, so some type of job traveling throughout the world.

What’s your dream car?

Bugatti Veyron. (Laughing) Something more realistic would be a BMW M3 or an Audi A4.

What’s the dumbest thing anyone has ever asked you?
I had to ask this patient at work for his last name for information purposes, he then asked me for my last name…trying to hit on me, when it was on my name tag!
Where do you see yourself in the future?
Married, and finishing my schooling.
What are some of your hobbiest and interests?
I play online games (MMO’s), I love art…I went to college for graphic design. I also like to be outdoors…camping, biking, taking walks, boating, road trips, amusement parks. And I

LOVE to shop!
What are some of your turn ons?
A guy who knows what they’re doing and where they’re going in their life, funny, weird, own sense of style, and has similar interests as me.
What about turn offs?
Egotistical guys, and people trying to be something they’re not.
How did you first get involved in the Hyundai scene?
My parents own a Hyundai, and I’ve driven their Sonata for vacation. I was highly impressed by the quality for the price. So I went to look for a Hyundai, and was originally
looking at an

Accent. I wasn’t completely impressed by the exterior look of it. The dealer told me he had some 08′s Tib’s still in stock with some great deals, and they had the trim I wanted…I

completly sold! Who got me into the import car scene is my fiance, he’s owned a ’92 Acura Integra, and an ’03 Nissan SE-R Spec-V, which both were modded. My dad was an automotive

mechanics teacher at a high school, so he’s taught me a lot about cars as well.
Is it difficult and if so, how do you handle being in a male dominated sport?
I think the only thing that is difficult is not being taken seriously. Some guys still think girls know nothing about cars!
What percentage of Import models do you think actually know how to tune cars?
I’d say probably around 10% (Laughing)
Should some of the big car shows (HIN, NOPI, etc) have a Female Tuner class?
No, I think we should compete just the same as males, and there shouldn’t be a “special” class just for us. We can kick butt against guys!
Any final thoughts, comments, or thanks?
Thanks to Elyria Hyundai for my Tiburon and the great deals they gave me so I could afford it, my job in the pharmacy for giving me the money to pay for my car, also to
Hyundai Aftermarket.org for featuring me, and my dad and fiance for showing me all there is to know about cars!