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Hyundai Aftermarket Featured Girl – Miss Rebecca
Residence: Brisbane QLD – Australia

Age: 24

Relationship status: Taken

Ethnicity: Autralian

Vehicle: 1995 Hyundai Sonata LeVant

What’s your dream car?

Twin turbo v6 engine conversion out of the Mitsubishi GTO, that would be nice!

What are some of your hobbiest and interests?

I’m into four wheel driving. I’ve also got an ISUZU Amigo (they’re called an ISUZU MU in Australia though). I’m
always out in

that tearing up the mud on the weekends with my friends.

How did you first get involved in the car/Hyundai scene?
I grew up always working on cars and around cars. My whole family is into the car scene.
Is it difficult and if so, how do you handle being in a male dominated sport?

I don’t find it difficult at all. People are usually shocked and amazed to see a girl behind the wheel of my car.
It’s a great

conversation starter!

What percentage of Import models do you think actually know how to tune cars?

Is that a trick question? Haha…I’d say maybe 1%.

Should some of the big car shows (HIN, NOPI, etc) have a Female Tuner class?
Of course. Girls like cars too!!
Any final thoughts, comments, or thanks?

I’d like to thank my fiancé Ash. I’ve dragged him to every car show within a 200 mile radius! Hahah…its all worth it though. And just everyone else who has supported me and my


At the time of this article, Rebecca is no longer the proud owner of this car. She has sold it off and has gone on to another project. We here at Hyundai

only wish her the best and that her newest project turns out just as well as her Sonata! Good luck Rebecca!