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Hyundai Aftermarket Featured Girl – Miss Brittany

Residence: Keizer, Oregon

Occupation: Management Assistant with the Oregon Judicial Department. I do a little bit of everything around the office. I’m kind of a big deal.

Age: 23

Ethnicity: White as they come. I mean seriously, look at the hair!

Hair Color: Natural Red

Eye Color: Blue/Grey

Height: 5’1″

Relationship status: Married

Vehicle: 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 GT

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to pretty much everything except hardcore rap, metal, and jazz. My iPod is full of Top 40, Pop, Rock, Screamo, 80s, Country, R&B, Glee, Classical, Disney, and even

Broadway tunes.

What’s your dream job?

For me, I care less about the actual job and more about the people I work with when weighing my dream job. So with that, I have my dream job. I can hang out with my co-workers

(especially my boss lady) outside of work and we all have a great time.

What’s your dream car?

It sounds cliché to say but I honestly have it. There are plenty of other cars that I would like to drive once, but I know that they just wouldn’t compare to how much I love my

I would totally love to drive an r34, or a completely tricked out and lowered 1985 Celica Supra (with a 1UZ swap), or even a Lancer Ralliart Sportback, but my GC really is my
dream car.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Similar to where I am now. Same job, more money, less debt. Hopefully in a house with a two-car garage. By then my car should have a lot more modifications, and if I’m lucky

have some trophies too!

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

My GC, my husband’s Supra (sometimes), reading, playing with my puppy, hanging out with my friends and talking about relationships and cars. I’m honestly pretty boring.

What are some of your turn ons?

Oh goodness, keeping it PG… I’m going to copy my lovely friend Emilina here and say that watching a guy drive a manual is a turn-on (it totally is!), in addition to confidence,

black rimmed glasses, redheads, girls in nothing but a t-shirt, panties, and thigh-high socks, guys in polos or v-necks, BOVs, my GC’s engine with the R2C intake, and let’s throw

something a little more fun… handcuffs.

What about turn offs?

Hondas and their leaf blower exhausts (except for the s2k), Honda drivers, guys acting like douche bags because they think girls like it, girls who are overly dramatic about

everything, messy eaters (even though I can be one of them), people who constantly brag about their cars, and arrogance.

Should some of the big car shows (HIN, NOPI, etc) have a Female Only Tuner class?
I’m a little mixed on this. I would love to see a Female Only Tuner class and watch it get attention and continue to grow. I love to see girls involved in the car community. At
the same

time, there are some girls who can easily beat out the guys, and I like the idea of a head-to-head battle of the sexes within the same class.
How did you first get involved in the Hyundai scene?

My husband and I were driving on the highway during the summer 2011 and passed a white GC. It was the first one that I had even seen and I loved the look of it instantly. From

moment, I started my research on the car and the community and the more information I had the more I fell in love. By the end of September 2011 I had my own GC and thanks to the
forums and

Facebook I also had a good idea of the direction that I wanted to go with it. I’ve met some of the most awesome people by becoming part of the Hyundai scene that I wouldn’t have

otherwise and couldn’t imagine my life without now.

Any final thoughts, comments, or thanks?

I love my PacNW boyz, my GCMafia family, my FemmeSpeed ladies, and everyone at HyundaiAftermarket.org!