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Hyundai Aftermarket Featured Girl – Miss Judith
Residence: Tolleson, Arizona

Occupation: Personal Care Assistant

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’4

Age: 20

Relationship status: Happily Taken

Vehicle: 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

What kind of music do you listen to?

Anything that will make my speakers bump..lol.. (Rap, R&B, Hip Hop, Oldies)

What would be your dream job?

My dream job would be for our car club to open up our own full service shop. Everything from engine work, body work, and upholstery. That’s my American Dream! (laughing)

What’s your dream car?

I would have to say anything with dual turbo that can make me do 8′s on the track ; )

What’s the dumbest thing anyone has ever asked you?

There’s too many of those to list! (laughing)

Where do you see yourself in the future?
I would say still in the car scene and MAYBE with one of those stickers on my car that say “BABY ON BOARD.” (laughing)
What are some of your hobbiest and interests?
Hanging out with the family , hanging out with the car club (Team X Velocity), cruising, going to car shows, helping my BF work on cars,
looking for

new ideas for my car, shopping, and of course RACING! ; )
What are some of your turn ons?
Gosh, Im very picky about that. Humor is a MUST, being able to trust him, lovable, understanding, compassionate, and always being their through my ups and downs…
What about turn offs?
My number one thing is LIARS! Then it would be people that don’tt know how to be themselves, cockiness, annoying, unaffectionate. And turn offs on cars I think it would be when
they have

their spoiler TOO high! (laughing)
How did you first get involved in the Hyundai scene?
The car scene in general first started ever since I was in high school and the Hyundai scene itself started when my BF (Adrian) handed the tibby down to me.
Is it difficult and if so, how do you handle being in a male dominated sport?
I’m going to say no on this one. Ever since I was in high school I would hang out with more guy friends than with my girlfriends so I’m use to just being around guys all the time.

tough enough for that and to be able to handle everything! ; )
What percentage of Import models do you think actually know how to tune cars?
I would have say is a 50/50.
Should some of the big car shows (HIN, NOPI, etc) have a Female Tuner class?
HELL YEAH!! You’ll be surprise how many girls do a way better job than some of the guys!
Any final thoughts, comments, or thanks?
I want to give a special thanks to my boyfriend, Adrian. I don’t think I would of made it without him. Not only is he my boyfriend but also my best friend and my partner in crime.

babe!!! And of course THANK YOU Hyundai Aftermarket.org for letting me have this opportunity.