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Hyundai Aftermarket Featured Girl – Miss Melanie

Residence: Kansas City, MO

Occupation: Customer Service, and of course modeling!

Ethnicity: German and French

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown/Green

Height: 5’4

Age: 21

Relationship status: Happily Taken

Vehicle: 2004 Hyundai Accent

What kind of music do you listen to?

I am a metal girl. I LOVE anything heavy!

What would be your dream job?

Shopping all day. Maybe I should become a personal shopper.

What’s your dream car?

A purple lamborghini!

What’s the dumbest thing anyone has ever asked you?
(Laughing) I have heard some pretty dumb questions, but I have also probably asked some myself. So I am going to skip this one!
Where do you see yourself in the future?
Hopefully soon in California!
What are some of your hobbiest and interests?
Music and modeling. On my days off if I am not at a photoshoot, you will probably find me at a concert somewhere.
What are some of your turn ons?
Sexy shoes, staying home on really cold days and watching movies, people that are open minded, people who stick up for themselves and what they believe in.
What about turn offs?
People that are rude for no reason. Being completely trashy, and people who take their dogs everywhere. Leave them at home people!
How did you first get involved in the car/Hyundai scene?
A friend asked me to work at an Import Face Off show in Kansas City, and I loved it. I’ve been hooked ever since.
Is it difficult and if so, how do you handle being in a male dominated sport?
I am not really in the sport as much as other people are, but personally I don’t think it’s difficult at all!
What percentage of Import models do you think actually know how to tune cars?
I’m going to guess probably none. Is that bad?
Should some of the big car shows (HIN, NOPI, etc) have a Female Tuner class?
YES…give some of those guys some competition!
Any final thoughts, comments, or thanks?
Thank you Hyundai Aftermarket.org for having me as the February Girl Of The Month, and to everyone else….Happy Valentines Day from Melanie.