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Adam Outler's Hackaday Santa-Pede competition entry

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Back in December, there was a BBB contest (Buy, Break, Build) which was hosted on It sparked my interest and I waited to see results, but there were none. There were no entires in the contest. So, on the second go-around, I decided to enter in all three categories of the contest. WIth the SantaPede competition challenge ending soon, I decided to make a blog entry about it.

Here is my build/demonstration of capabilities video for entry in all three categories... Best Result, Best Presentaion and Most Overkill.

---Santa's Code---
I created an SVN repository on google code for this project to be in the public domain. It is GPLV3 which means go ahead and use it. The directory structures are in tact so you can download and copy to your root folder if you wish to reproduce. Here are some links to the source code

---Microprocessor Code---
Arduino Code:
An Arduino ATMega1280 board runs the santa. This is the code which runs on the board.
---Web server code---
Permissions script:
The shell script changes permsisions of the USB Serial device for use with the web server. It also forces the computer to keep the terminal open for communications as a serial device
Web interface:
The web interface provides the user a interface for button-pressing actions
command CGI:
The command script sends a command to santa and then returns the user interface back to the web page
Login CGI:
The login script is a bit different then the command script as it sends two commands, both the username and the password to santa.

here is some of the stuff on-screen in the video which you could not see.
sOS 1.0

Welcome to Santa OS Mother f*cker
Status: Online
System runtime: 11Seconds 

help 	- displays a helpful message
walk 	- tells Santa to walk
shoot	- shoot guns
rocket   - fires rockets
stop 	- stops all actions
obj  	- show objectives
rampage - go into hardcore mode
Unrecognized command
Unrecognized command
Unrecognized command

I disassembled the motor mechanism more then 10 times to get things just right. It took around-about 40 hours to figure out the perfect configuration and get the bends just right. Also, about 30 hours to write the software which drives Santa. It was a learning experience since I am not a web designer. Even with the difficulties, it was a fun project.

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