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Shedding a bit of light off Rovio

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I have a Rovio Mobile webcam. It is a pretty cool toy. However it's lighting is not nearly bright enough. I trippled the light by adding a copule of LEDs to it. Here's how I did it.

This is my rovio disassembled. You can see the circuit board which is glued in place there. It takes the original lighting circuit and draws power from a separate source. It's a transistor which is hooked directly to the battery and uses the original LED power wire as a signal wire. The new wire is routed up the neck of the Rovio Mobile webcam.

Here you can see a side profile


And the other side

Here is a closeup of the small transistor circuit board.

The LEDs were positioned in the head right where they should be, on either side of the webcam.

Profile shot, put back together

Neck extended:

Here you can see my phone controlling the Rovio and a picture of my hands holding the camera on the phone, controlling my rovio mobile camera.

It was a fun project.

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